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SiteManger is a cloud-based maintenance management solution that focuses on data and reports while also providing thorough analysis, resource management and decision-making metrics. It can be accessed through various web-browser.

SiteManager is modular, which helps companies to tailor the solution to meet their needs. It integrates fuel management with vehicle data capture, work orders and maintenance management. It supports integration with third-party systems companies that helps users to manage errors in the billing and fuel inventory process while handling maintenance procedures for vehicles and other field equipment.

SiteManager helps organizations gain information about their fuel and fleet operations as it offers dynamic, graphic dashboards with real-time data. Timely information can be pushed to different recipients as advance reports can be set to be delivered automatically via email, based on configurable schedules. Vehicle maintenance and fuel tank related alerts/notifications can be delivered by email/SMS.

SiteManager can be complemented with low-cost field equipment to automatically capture real-time critical maintenance planning data as vehicles drive around the yard, or while fuelling, restricting fuel to authorized vehicles and personnel only.

Support is offered via phone and email.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 8

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