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adenin TECHNOLOGIES has designed IntelliEnterprise for a business's digital workplace. It gives users a competitive advantage by connecting suppliers, customers, partners and colleagues and providing them with information they require. It helps to promote collaboration, teamwork, knowledge and idea sharing. A mobile portal module enables you to create micro applications for mobile users. Users can design lists, workflows and searches with the help of more than 50 cloud-based API and records. With IntelliEnterprise’s no code approach, there is no headache of coding an application. Pre-designed templates are provided for almost all kinds of businesses. Users can select one and customize it per requirements. Users can create engaging and informative videos related to ...

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Perpetual or rental licenses available. Optional support and update subscription, annually recurring, available. Contact Adenin for more information or to request a formal quote.

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$9,900.00 one time

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Not Available


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Company size: 501-1,000 employees

Industry: Machinery

Time used: Less than 12 months

Review Source: Capterra



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Reviewed October 2016

Well-rounded product

Intelli Enterprise has been evaluated against many competitors but it ultimately offered the best mix of budget, functionality and versatility. It is easily one of the most feature rich products offering features for people, documents, storing/managing your data and workflows. You could use this as an enterprise social network, company portal and extranet all at once. We have a very special Active Directory setup that needed to have fields and groups remapped to other fields. Their support helped us do that by instructing what configurations we need to change. There are a quite many things you can configure and change which despite their manual can be confusing at times -- but at least it's completely code free out of the box which we couldn't say for any other vendor that offers this much flexibility. Bottom line: 4/5 stars


Features, features, features. They have so many and everything can be somehow customized or tweaked; if not in the UI than through their helpful tech support


The forum and IM function. Both these look and are very basic. They need to update those.