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Solaris by Solaris, LLC is a convenient, cost-effective solution for physician practices and hospitals that need a method of storing all their medical records and charts electronically. Staff will be responsible for uploading these records themselves – helping to avoid a costly third-party scanning fee, or putting patient confidentiality at risk.

Solaris can be used by practices scaling from a solo physician up to large hospitals with hundreds of staff members. Even large institutions with thousands of cumbersome paper records can utilize Solaris to go completely electronic. Once scanned, patient charts and records are easily accessed, and can be exported directly into an EMR system. This solution is suitable for any type of form – it can be used for human resources, financial, or personnel records as well.

With its expansive Document Capture and Image-Processing capabilities, users can scan multiple records for many different patients in a single batch. We like the Auto Indexing functionality, which further streamlines the scanning process by assigning each record to the corresponding patient, and placing them in the correct section. Solaris will sort these records and tag them to the appropriate patient automatically– saving time and greatly reducing the possibility of human error. 

With Solaris’s comprehensive solution, medical staff save valuable time scanning files to create a paperless office, and can instead focus on caring for their patients. To further accelerate its implementation, Solaris will send two or more representatives to each site to train users on the ins and outs of the software during the installation process.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 8

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