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SICRE is a cloud-based billing and invoicing solution that helps businesses issue quotes and transport guides, generate invoices, extract sales maps, and send pending current account notices directly to customers. At the end of each month, users can easily fulfill the tax obligation of extracting SAFT and submitting it online, or it can also be sent directly to an email (e.g., from the Accountant) so that they can be controlled and submitted. Additionally, it allows users to control Stocks, they can extract and communicate the inventory file mandatory by law (when applicable) in an easy and intuitive way. SICRE also enables members to correct their stocks at any time, obtain listings and sales statistics and much more.

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POS -  Restaurançao,  mini mercados, Lojas Textil, Pneus, oficinas, Ligaçao Maquinas de Trocos ( CashONE, Cashlogy) SAFT, Senhas de Pré-Pagamento, Festas, Romarias
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