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Carlson Takeoff is an innovative 3D takeoff system developed for design/build firms, earthwork/excavating, engineers, heavy/highway contractors, paving and utility contractors. It enables users to accurately estimate cuts and fills using various sources including CAD, paper plans, PDF, TIFF and more. The software is quite flexible, allowing users to quickly and easily convert plans from 2D to 3D, modify linework and correct "bad CAD." One of our favorite features of Carlson Software is the ability to develop machine control models in Topcon, Trimble, Leica or Carlson format. The software comes standard with AutoCAD OEM or IntelliCAD and can run on various Windows platforms. Users get site, roads, trenching and blasting, all in one product specifically designed for contractors. Serving the construction industry since 1983, Carlson Software is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service. Carlson Takeoff is an ideal solution for excavating and heavy/highway contractors, particularly those interested in or using machine control or their own staking.


Carlson Takeoff - Surface
  • Carlson Takeoff - Surface
  • Carlson Takeoff - Subgrade Areas
    Subgrade Areas
  • Carlson Takeoff - Plan View
    Plan View
  • Carlson Takeoff - Cut & Fill Report
    Cut & Fill Report
  • Carlson Takeoff - Color Map
    Color Map
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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Rebecca from Meridian Engineering
Specialty: Construction manager
Number of employees: 501-1,000 employees Employees number: 501-1,000 employees

June 2017

June 2017

Great overall product



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money


CAD based - if you know CAD this is easy
Help Desk - They are great at getting me answers right away and helping me learn the software
Tutorials - They have many that can make learning a lot easier


CAD based - if you don't know CAD this can be a bit of a pain
No one else at my company wants to learn it so I'm stuck with it all, it gets to be a lot of work for each project
I'm on R7 and they have R9, so many of the things i was going to say here were taken care of