ConEst SureCount Digital Takeoff Software

2 reviews(4.5/5)
2 reviews(4.5/5)

SureCount by ConEst is an on-premise construction takeoff system designed for commercial, industrial and residential electrical contractors of all sizes. The system can also be used for other construction and specialty contractors in multiple trades, such as plumbing, mechanical, HVAC and fire/sprinkler safety installation companies.

SureCount features "autocount", which allows users to the occurrences and locations of symbols in a drawing and use it in the estimation process. The product also allows users to measure lengths and distances by drawing a line of the chart.

SureCount features area customization, where users can club parts of the drawing and classify them as areas. It allows users to manage estimates for itemized and alternate pricing. The overlay functionality highlights parts of drawing, dimension and pricing tables with changes in drawings.

SureCount allows users to integrate with different tools such as CAD, IntelliBid and JobTrac. Support options include online, phone and email.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows 8

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  • JoAnne from Hoefler Communications

    Specialty: Electrical/teledata

    Number of employees: 11-50 employees

    February 2017

    SureCount - works for us!

    Value for Money

    Tried a few different tele/data takeoff software's before settling on SureCount. We are using SureCount primarily to do take off counts. They offer Intellibid - a more detail bidding software to build out specifics in a bid take off - we are currently not using. The product works really great for us. After the takeoffs are done we send them to our printer to have full color prints made which are very clean and easy to read. We can export the counts to excel and link them to our own bidding excel bidding system. We were impressed with the Sure Count folks out of the gate - they had videos showing the different features making it easy to understand & support team is EXCELLENT. I would highly recommend this product and the company behind it is small, personable and knowledgeable.


    Easy to learn
    Easy to use
    Excellent Support
    Saves lots of man hours doing manual take offs


    Printing is color is expensive!

  • Justin from Five 9's Communications - Duplicate Posted

    November 2011


    We currently use the SureCount Software and it works pretty well for our applications. We are a low voltage contractor and we use it for most of our takeoffs, which saves us on labor and material (paper) costs. The program is generally geared towards electrical contractors and there are a few things that I would add that would be useful such as j-hook runs and cable tray (pathways). Currently we use the branch or feeder measurements for this and divide our total number by 4 since our cabling is generally supported every 4 feet. We also have to manually calculate the size of the cable path based on the number of cables using each path. Also, one thing that would be useful is the ability to make minor changes to the drawings and import shapes or picture files to create quick shop drawings etc. Customer service has been very helpful when I have questions about the software.

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