Contractor V Software


Contractor V from TAG delivers job cost accounting in a package that fits any size company. Contractor V combines years of experience, feedback, and advancements in technology to streamline workflow. Scalability makes it an entry-level option for companies that are looking to transition from QuickBooks or Excel.

Contractor V provides general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and job costing tools. Change orders, subcontract management, and reporting are also included in every module. Additionally, construction-specific features are available within Contractor V that cannot be found in a general accounting system: AIA billings, union and certified payroll, retention tracking, field reporting, imports estimates, and Dunning letters. Contractor V interfaces with outside payroll services, online certified payroll compliance programs and check writing software.

TAG offers multiple deployment options, so companies can select which best fits their needs, whether it be installed locally or accessed on the cloud.


Contractor V - Certified PR setup screen
  • Contractor V - Certified PR setup screen
    Certified PR setup screen
  • Contractor V - General journal entry screen
    General journal entry screen
  • Contractor V - JC subcontractor job insurance
    JC subcontractor job insurance
  • Contractor V - Job entry screen
    Job entry screen
  • Contractor V - Payroll menu work flow
    Payroll menu work flow
  • Contractor V - Schedule of values billing entry edit screen
    Schedule of values billing entry edit screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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