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Vision InfoSoft currently has a customer base of over 11,500 electrical and plumbing contractors. Plumbing Bid Manager is the only industry solution that integrates automatic pricing updates with estimating and on-screen takeoff.

Plumbing Bid Manager offers cost estimating and on-screen takeoff on a best-of-breed basis. The software includes key features such as digitizer integration, 2D takeoff, excel integration, and visual assemblies. The software also includes standard estimating features such as “what-if” analysis and conceptual estimates. To help plumbing contractors make the most accurate bids on their projects, the software includes an updated cost database with up-to-date material and labor pricing.

Plumbing Bid Manager is best suited for small and medium-sized plumbing contractors, but can also support larger firms taking on projects beyond the million dollar mark. The software is a great fit for both residential and commercial plumbing, but does not offer support for mechanical or HVAC projects.

Vision InfoSoft offers a unique training program with Brian Hoffelder to help buyers get up to speed with the software’s estimating functionality. In addition to the built-in training, Vision InfoSoft also offers support by phone, email, and Internet.


Plumbing Bid Manager - Plumbing Estimating Software
  • Plumbing Bid Manager - Plumbing Estimating Software
    Plumbing Estimating Software
  • Plumbing Bid Manager - Plumbing On-Screen Takeoff Software
    Plumbing On-Screen Takeoff Software
  • Plumbing Bid Manager - Plumbing Material Pricing Software
    Plumbing Material Pricing Software
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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