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About SIS Compass

SIS Compass is a construction management solution that helps small to large enterprises manage construction projects and documents. It comes with a web portal, which lets users assign multiple tasks to employees and automatically update log files related to submittals or request for information (RFI). Key features of SIS Compass include version control, role-based access, contact management and approval tracking. Businesses can utilize Microsoft Sharepoint to collaborate with team members and send project updates across departments via emails or alerts. Additionally, users can store critical documents such as contracts, permits or certificates in an in-built database and export generated reports in Excel format. SIS Compass can be deployed on-premise or hosted...

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February 2011

Great application!

I would recommend Compass without hesitation.


We've been a SIS customer for 3 years and are very pleased with their service. Compass has proved to be a great application and the customization options have exceeded our expectations.


The only negative that comes to mind is that since Compass runs atop SharePoint, it is not accessible thru the standard Android browser.