XactRemodel 2.0 Estimating Software


Since 1986, Xactware has provided products and pricing data that is now used by over 100,000 users in the United States and Canada.  XactRemodel 2.0 is a full featured estimating software that enables users to quickly generate professional reports in various formats, such as customer proposals, internal work orders, material components reports, and many more. Used by general contractors working in residential or commercial remodeling projects of all sizes, it provides area specific pricing data for labor, material and equipment for all phases of a construction project. XactRemodel 2.0 allows the user to sketch out the floor plan, including a three dimensional view of the project. Users can easily coordinate with subcontractors and make adjustments prior to finalizing the estimate.


XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Decking wizard
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Decking wizard
    Decking wizard
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Estimate Items Screen
    Estimate Items Screen
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - House 3D Views
    House 3D Views
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Components Summary
    Components Summary
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Price Adjustments Screen
    Price Adjustments Screen
  • XactRemodel 2.0  Estimating Software - Floor Plan Sketch
    Floor Plan Sketch
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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jerry from Adavantage

March 2014

March 2014

Problems with Xactremodel - Beware


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

I have used this program for 3 years and it was great until September 2013 when they changed the program and the pricing and material costs do not work properly. The company said sometime mid in 2014 it will be fixed but I have a feeling they are just stalling as the costs may be to high to totally restructure the program as they did for Xactware. I would not recommend this product to any remodeling company or anyone that has small jobs or needs accurate pricing. Take a look at the White papers the company sent out in 2013 and you will see the changes they made and why the program no longer works for contractors and remodelers.

Review Source: Capterra