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Submittable powers you with tools to launch, manage, measure, and grow your social impact programs, locally and globally. From employee giving, volunteering, and corporate social responsibility programs to grants, awards and schol...Read more about Submittable


OpenWater is a cloud-based solution that helps users manage the entire lifecycle of grant programs from registration to submission of various types of grants by reaching out to potential grantees. Key features include outcomes mea...Read more about OpenWater

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Award Force

Award Force is award-winning software for leading awards organisers to manage awards entry and judging online. Designed for performance and function, its fast, secure and a great experience for entrants, judges and contest manag...Read more about Award Force


ShortStack is a cloud-based interactive marketing solution that specializes in contest marketing. ShortStack is used by marketers around the world to create sweepstakes, contests, landing pages, special offers and custom sign-up f...Read more about ShortStack

RQ Awards

RQ Awards is an All-in-One Application and Review Software used by associations, non-profits, foundations, government organizations, foundations and educational institutions around the world to simplify and manage their unique for...Read more about RQ Awards

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Easypromos is a user-friendly platform that allows companies and marketing professionals to create interactive marketing campaigns. It offers various promotion apps for games, quizzes, social media giveaways, photo- and video cont...Read more about Easypromos

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Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation solution. Featuring a drag-and-drop landing page editor, social contests, popups, and forms, Wishpond features tools for website and email subscriber engagement. Lead scoring,...Read more about Wishpond

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VYPER is a customer loyalty management solution that helps businesses conduct contests, set up reward programs and manage giveaways on a centralized platform. It allows team members to use the pre-designed templates to create and ...Read more about VYPER

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QZZR is a cloud-based quizzing solution that allows users to create custom and self-branded quizzes and helps them drive traffic on social media platforms, present targeted offers and generate qualified leads. Primary features inc...Read more about QZZR


Evalato helps you run effective awards programs and grow your community. It’s the go-to solution for award managers, grant makers and any professional who organizes awards, competitions, and other programs. With Evalato you: - Co...Read more about Evalato

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Spinify is a cloud-based employee recognition platform that helps businesses of all sizes engage motivate and reward sales teams using gamification techniques. Designed for real estate, call center and recruitment organizations, t...Read more about Spinify

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SalesScreen is a cloud-based sales performance management solution that helps businesses of all sizes improve employee focus, motivation and productivity. The platform comes with a recognition module, which enables managers to rew...Read more about SalesScreen

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Untap Compete

Untap is a contest management platform that enables organizations to tap into the power of open innovation. An all-in-one platform with best-in-class support that helps you plan, launch, manage, promote & assess online contests. O...Read more about Untap Compete

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VUFORA is an event management solution that helps businesses manage events and contests. The platform enables organizations to organize conferences, workshops, meetings, competitions and award events. Features of VUFORA inclu...Read more about Vufora

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🚀 Upgrade Your Contest Management Software with Zealous: Save Time, Save Money & Boost Entries! As your effortless contest management platform, Zealous manage submissions and boost entry volume, all wh...Read more about Zealous

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Reviewr is a cloud-based scholarship management solution, which helps businesses, associations and educational institutions review and collect submissions for grants, awards, contests and fellowships. The platform supports media ...Read more about Reviewr


SweepWidget is a lead generation and contest management solution that helps businesses run giveaways, distribute rewards, collect email addresses, monitor entries, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to uti...Read more about SweepWidget

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Qualifio is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to gather data from prospects and clients, grow their communities, and interact with the target audience via personalized campaigns. The platform offers a variety of custo...Read more about Qualifio

Learn More is an online form and submission management solution that is designed for corporations, educational institutes, government agencies, TV productions and engineering businesses. It lets staff members track applications, a...Read more about

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SkipsoLabs is a cloud-based innovation and idea management solution designed to help public and private sector organizations. Key features include idea submission, project pipeline, relationship and database management, candidate ...Read more about Skipso


Socialshaker is a solution that's solid and accessible to all without technical knowledge, allowing brands to create and distribute interactive marketing contests for their targets: customers, prospects, employees. Integrated wit...Read more about Socialshaker

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Introducing ViralSweep, an integrated software platform designed to empower brands and agencies with the capacity to effectively organize and execute an array of promotional activities. This includes everything from sweepstakes, ...Read more about ViralSweep

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Rewards Fuel

Rewards Fuel is a software that allows you to easily manage your rewards program. You can create your own rewards program and then use it to engage with customers, increase loyalty, and drive repeat purchases. It is deployed as a...Read more about Rewards Fuel


Compass is a gamification tool that supports users with increasing their sales. The software transforms sales programs into games and provides them with their own challenges, game-rules, and commissions. The product supports sale...Read more about Compass

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Kangaroo is a cloud-based loyalty and marketing management platform designed for retail businesses of all sizes that offers membership management, corporate memberships, gift cards, loyalty management, and analytics within a suite...Read more about Kangaroo

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Playable offers a subscription-based marketing gamification platform that enables companies in any industry to get, keep, and grow more customers. The platform is very effective at improving marketing and business results and it i...Read more about Playable

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Fyre is a decentralized application built to streamline online asset verification and KYC compliance, which provides verifiable social actions, NFT/Token validation services, and all the KYC data in one place. Fyre's suite of pro...Read more about Fyre

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CliquePrize® is an iOS mobile app that enables small businesses to grow using strong data and customer research. The quickest and easiest way to obtain customer data is to give away a prize through sweepstakes, contests, events, r...Read more about CliquePrize

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Referaly Lite

Referaly Lite is a platform for running raffles and competitions, as well as building allowlists. Referaly Lite is specially designed to leverage and grow your current community using gamification through contests.Run effective co...Read more about Referaly Lite

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InfoReady is submission and award management software for higher education that centralizes and consolidates form building, application and document collection, routing, review, notification and reporting into a single web-based p...Read more about InfoReady

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StartupTree is an innovative platform that offers a wide range of features to enhance entrepreneurship management. With StartupTree, users can streamline their events and participant data, providing a centralized hub for networkin...Read more about StartupTree

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KickoffLabs is a fantastic audience growth platform that supports you and scales with your company. Startups, E-commerce owners, and digital marketing teams from large companies have all run successful contests, product launches,...Read more about KickoffLabs

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ViralKit is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help businesses create contest experiences using a sentence detailing the contest idea. The AI conceptualizes and crafts all required details such as tit...Read more about ViralKit

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Impactfully is a software as a service platform that operates in the cloud, specifically designed for private foundations. This software simplifies foundation management activities, enhancing efficiency. Operational dashboards, gr...Read more about Impactfully

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Maslo (formerly Roadoo) is a cloud-based sales gamification platform that helps streamline engagement and bolster the loyalty of sales teams. This platform enables real-time tracking of bonuses and offers dynamic challenges with a...Read more about Maslo

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Test Invite is an online exam software that helps businesses, educational institutions and public administrations to deliver online proctored exams at corporate training, certification assessments, education, and pre-employment te...Read more about Testinvite

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