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Find the best Contract Assistant alternatives and competitors. Take an in-depth look at 15 popular Contract Management platforms to find out which one is right for your needs. Discover how these Contract Management software products compare to Contract Assistant when it comes to features, ease of use, customer service and support, and real user reviews.

Top 5 Alternatives at-a-glance

  • CobbleStone Contract Insight
  • Precisely
  • AMTdirect
  • Axxerion
  • Windward Core

Top Contract Assistant Alternatives

CobbleStone Contract Insight

4.78 (45 reviews)

CobbleStone Contract Insight provides enterprise CLM software that has been selected by thousands of contract and procurement professionals spanning the globe. CobbleStone’s award-winning software, Contract Insight, is fully confi... Read more


4.73 (11 reviews)

Precisely’s end-to-end contract automation platform aligns the legal department with the rest of the business by enabling the business side to be more self-sufficient, while keeping them within the legal department’s pre-approved ... Read more


3.61 (18 reviews)

AMTdirect is a cloud-based lease accounting and administration software solution. It provides one central location to manage all real estate leases and equipment leases, while ensuring FASB compliance and improving process control... Read more


4.65 (24 reviews)

Axxerion CMMS is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) suitable for any size company in different sectors including real estate, corporate, health care, education, retail, residential, manufacturing, serv... Read more

Windward Core

4.80 (41 reviews)

Windward Studios is a reporting and document generation solution that provides a data-powered document creation system for OEM, enterprises and system integrators. The solution offers the ability to edit, personalize and design do... Read more

Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a proposal management software that helps businesses create, share and organize custom proposals and cover pages. The platform includes customizable templates, which allows organizations to design personalized ... Read more


DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution for organizations of all sizes and most industries. The platform can be used to sign various types of documents including business contracts, school permission slips, agreeme... Read more


Proposify is the online proposal software that gives you control and visibility into the most important stage of your sales process. The close. From deal design to sign-off, get the confidence and flexibility to dominate deals. -... Read more


Agiled is an all in one business management platform. It comes with built-in CRM, HRM, Financial Management, Project Management and Time Tracking. Users can manage all of their business in one place and provide a client portal acc... Read more

Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge) is a web-based document management system that enables users to merge data from the cloud into custom PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PDFs. The solution can ... Read more


4.74 (39 reviews)

Business-in-a-Box is an on-premise business management software that helps enterprises of all sizes create and manage documentation, proposals, guides, employee handbooks, contracts and more. The platform includes business plannin... Read more

Coupa Business Spend Management

4.11 (35 reviews)

The Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) platform helps companies around the world gain visibility and control over all spend to increase operational efficiency, reduce third-party and financial risk, and improve the bottom line.... Read more

Universal Contract Manager

4.70 (30 reviews)

Powered by iContracts, Universal Contract Manager (UCM) is a cloud-based contract management and compliance solution that helps organizations of all types and sizes streamline their contracting processes. Quickly create or import... Read more


4.82 (11 reviews)

ISETIA is a cloud-based project management solution that supports agile and scrum methodologies along with other ad-hoc project management models. It helps businesses to manage task assignments, documents, budgets, issues and risk... Read more

Legal Track

4.73 (11 reviews)

Legal Track is used by in-house counsel and is designed specifically for the ever changing needs of the corporate legal department. Our system allow the legal departments to handle Contracts, Litigations (including outside counsel... Read more