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About Back On Stage

Back On Stage is an all-in-one technology designed by bandleaders specifically to help bandleaders and musicians automate booking, invoicing, accounting and other administrative processes on a unified dashboard. The app lets bandleaders collaborate across teams to share multimedia, musical notes and event-related information in real-time! As a customer relationship management software, administrators can track upcoming events, delegate tasks among bandmates, respond to clients’ queries via emails and schedule social media posts. The solution allows teams to view details to any gig and to automatically generate contracts, request tips, manage revenue, process payments and configure role-based access among staff members. Back On Stage lets businesses integrate the syst...

Back On Stage Pricing

Back On Stage is offered across two pricing plans, outlined below. A 30-day free trial is available and a discount is given for annual commitments. Musician: Back On Stage is available for free Leader: $29/month (billed monthly); $26/month (billed annualy)

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$26.00 per month

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Back On Stage App helps you organize and manage all the moving parts of every event

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