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CorkCRM is a robust CRM system that helps construction companies efficiently track leads, manage appointments, track proposals, sign contracts, manage payroll, and schedule jobs, all within the same application. The system has been made to be simple to use for both employees and customers alike, and includes a seamless integration with the company website, so that customers can easily schedule appointments and sign documents.

Once a lead has been submitted into the system, users can add notes to each lead to keep track of the progress throughout the sales pipeline. When a potential buyer is ready to move forward with an appointment, these can be scheduled directly onto the calendar. As the appointment approaches, leads will be emailed 48 hours beforehand with a reminder.

Templates are available for multiple types of proposals, so that drafting them becomes a smooth, effortless process; it's as simple as entering in the correct information. Both the client and the company will be emailed a copy of the proposal once it’s saved, making sure that all parties are kept in the loop. Proposals can also be printed, if a hardcopy of the document is desired.

An automatic email system makes it easy to stay in touch with leads that may be on the fence. With this type of lead nurturing in place, companies can be sure that contact is kept with all leads, and that no buyer slips through the cracks. Online signatures make it easy for customers to sign off on contracts, and employees can view the signed document at any time.


CorkCRM - Track new leads
  • CorkCRM - Track new leads
    Track new leads
  • CorkCRM - Customers can schedule appointments online
    Customers can schedule appointments online
  • CorkCRM - Create elegant proposals
    Create elegant proposals
  • CorkCRM - Fully customizable email campaigns
    Fully customizable email campaigns
  • CorkCRM - Schedule jobs and assign workers
    Schedule jobs and assign workers
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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