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EBSuite’s customer support solution integrates issue capture, assignment, escalation and resolution tracking while also offering a customizable customer/vendor portal presence.

The EBSuite solution can scale from 5 to 30+ support agents with no limitation on case volume or portal user logins. EBSuite is available in a SAAS model or on-site implementation.

Customer issues and questions can be captured from web forms, automatically from emails, or from the independently hosted customer portal.

EBSuite also offers internal project management with external project progress sharing, knowledge article and support document authoring with internal and external presentation and searching, as well as newsletter emails plus drip email campaigns. It also offers a calendar, tasks, calls, reminders, and dashboard decision reporting, an on-board “Chat” tool and service time logging.

The EBSuite solution boasts successful customers from web service vendors, engineering equipment manufactures, major universities for departmental development, and as a worldwide solution to a major telecommunications company for HR Management.

EBSuite’s web-based solution is available to demo with a live-trial. The customizable interface allows workflow requirements and branding to be accommodated quickly through internal user settings.


EBSuite - Track success criteria
  • EBSuite - Track success criteria
    Track success criteria
  • EBSuite - Support issue metrics
    Support issue metrics
  • EBSuite - Immediate implementation
    Immediate implementation
  • EBSuite - Knowledge article authoring
    Knowledge article authoring
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Mike from Storyminers

February 2012

February 2012



Product Quality

Customer Support

Storyminers is a consultancy that helps its clients improve the experiences they give their customers--on purpose and by design. As our firm has added new clients, started marketing programs, and added overseas work, the need for a stable platform and for excellent communications (internally and externally) presented itself.

EBSuite has been an important and profitable part of our growth. More than a CRM program, it's what we run our business on. For the last 2.5 years, we've been amazed at how new features appear just as we need them. It's like the programming team can read our minds. I'm amazed at how many features we have access to. Having come from SalesForce.com, I thought I'd have to give up a lot. The truth is I'm getting more as a business owner and consultant. The features I use every day are perfect for what I do and the administrative overhead is 1/20th that of SalesForce. I can spend my day working for me, not for another company.

Customer support is fast, helpful, and friendly. They have real humans answering the phone who actually know the product and can tell you what's going on--and what to do to get on with your work. EBSuite continues to put 2-4 hours per week back into my week. My clients and prospects appreciate the prompt follow up and how nothing falls through the cracks. That's priceless. That's EBSuite.