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1 reviews(5.0/5)
1 reviews(5.0/5)

Gazelle by Origo Software is a cloud-based solution that connects information, communications and people on a single platform. The solution provides applications that can be customized to the needs of a business. A team of developers can work with users to build custom solutions. Dashboards provide users with information in the form of charts and graphs to make business decisions based on data analysis.

Gazelle offers IT consultation and provides users with prototypes, wire frames and modeling activities. It also provides reporting and documentation to allows clients analyze information on their own to determine business solutions for their business. Database analysts can handle SQL and big data management tools and capabilities.

Gazelle combines social interactions with other businesses applications and customer relationship management systems. The solution is fit for mid-sized businesses in industries including advertising, marketing, software, web design, graphic design and media. Support is offered via email and phone.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 8

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  • ron from NeuroZen Rehab Tech

    Specialty: Healthcare / Medicine

    Number of employees: 51-200 employees

    March 2018

    Gazelle easy and simple


    I would recommend this product and say it was more the money and easy to utilize.


    Easy to use; it didn't take long for me to get the hang of it.
    Simple to navigate thru the pages and fair easy to move about on a screen
    Very little time needed for instruction; it didn't take much help to be provided or teaching to use this program.


    Limited scope of usuage; the crm is built for certain usuage and you will outgrow it if you are a rapidly growing company
    A bit old graphics; the graphics were old and not very appealing but the sytem works like it supposed to.
    difficult to move between screens; you need to refresh your screen sometimes to go back to the previous screen.

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