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Origo Software, founded a decade ago, is an innovative company with a vision and passion for realizing the promise of content convergence. Origo Software’s Gazelle Platform connects information, communications, and people in a single, user-friendly platform. The fact that Gazelle is cloud-based means that users have instant access to customer information and communications anywhere they have Internet access. Gazelle’s collection of applications can be customized to the needs of a business and their team of developers can work with users to build custom solutions.

Manage the entire enterprise process lifecycle easily; Gazelle’s dashboards provide decision-makers with relevant information to make smart, timely business decisions. Since everything converges in a single platform, users no longer need to manage different login information and passwords for email accounts, and apps like Dropbox, and social media accounts.

The Origo team pushes innovation and believe Gazelle is only a starting point. They offer IT consultation to find the appropriate technology solution, walking users through prototypes, wire frames, and other modeling activities. They can also provide reporting and documentation to allow clients analyze information on their own to determine the best solution for their business. Expert database analysts can handle most New SQL and NoSQL “big” data management tools and capabilities.

Gazelle stands out from other systems because it combines social interactions with a businesses applications and Customer Relationship Management Systems. We think it’s a great fit for mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including Advertising, Marketing, Software, Web Design, Graphic Design and Media.


Gazelle - Admin dashboard
  • Gazelle - Admin dashboard
    Admin dashboard
  • Gazelle - Project folder
    Project folder
  • Gazelle - Main dashboard
    Main dashboard
  • Gazelle - Customer location map
    Customer location map
  • Gazelle - Project dashboard
    Project dashboard
  • Gazelle - Workflow queue
    Workflow queue
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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