Top Insightly Competitors: The Best Insightly Alternatives for Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a highly competitive software sector. Deciding from the many vendors a challenge for potential users. One of the most popular solutions in this category is Insightly, which, according to the vendor, is “made for small and growing businesses.”

Insightly is well-suited to emerging small and midsize businesses (SMBs) due to its scalability; a business can start with the basic version and add more features as they expand.

Insightly offers various plans, including business-centric options. Users can select a plan based on their business size, such as number of employees, as well as their required features (e.g., some users may require a MailChimp auto-import feature while others won’t).

Insightly is also highly customizable, as it provides access to its API for integrations. It integrates with G Suite, MailChimp, Office 365, QuickBooks, Xero and other popular applications for sales, document management, marketing and more.

Insightly is a cloud-based solution, so users needn’t worry about server upgrades, hardware storage or physical data backups. Users can access their data on the go using iOS and Android apps.

Despite its plethora of features and offerings, Insightly may not address all your CRM needs. To that end, we've created this list of the top Insightly alternatives on the market, so you can find the right solution for your needs.

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Most Asked-About Insightly Alternatives

Our first section includes products that buyers search for most often alongside Insightly in online searches.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is also a cloud-based CRM solution intended for use by SMBs across various industries. It offers the following features:

  • Multichannel customer communication: Includes email, telephony, real-time engagement opportunities with customers and prospects as well as social media monitoring.
  • Performance analysis tools: Uses gamification, advanced CRM analytics with custom templates and reports as well as territory management for segmented clientele.
  • Sales and reports analysis: Offers workflow automation, syncs calendars offline and uses advanced search filters to analyze data.
  • Customizability: Provides customized apps, modules and fields for specific industries. Zoho Marketplace also integrates with third-party apps and social networks, including Evernote, G Suite, Outlook, Twitter and WordPress.
  • Mobility: Allows users to access data via its native app on their iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
  • Sales force automation: Captures lead information from various source websites, manages opportunities and tracks sales operations with its Sales app.

Zoho CRM reviewers on Software Advice say that it “does everything you would expect from a CRM and integrates with every possible SaaS, giving you the flexibility to, in a sense, develop your own ERP.”

However, some users would cited negative issues such as unresponsive customer support, inability to create groups within leads or accounts, extensive training needed for nontechnical staff and syncing issues with smartphones.

Salesforce CRM is used around the world. It targets businesses of all sizes across any industry, primarily providing sales and support services. The cloud-based system is easy to deploy.

Salesforce offers the following services:

  • Sales tools for lead generation, bid creation and contact management
  • Customer service across multiple channels
  • Automated multichannel marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Analytics for sales, lead generation and customer service
  • Platform to create customized apps
  • Connectivity and engagement using the internet of things (IoT)
  • Unified commerce opportunities (web, social, mobile, store etc.)

Salesforce helps companies handle the complete sales cycle as well as post-sales support. It offers different types of plans for businesses to choose from based on their CRM requirements and budgets. There are also solutions designed specifically for small businesses to help them manage the tasks of selling, providing service, promoting and expanding.

Reviewers on Software Advice say that Salesforce is “versatile and very customizable.” They also point out that the learning curve is short, with one user saying, “Training was one day and a lot of going through and learning on my own. Very intuitive and easy to use.”

On the flip side, they note that a Salesforce administrator is required for more complex functionalities and customizations. Users recommend hiring specialized IT staff, but caution that it will cost extra and may not be feasible for small businesses and nonprofits.


Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales management tool for SMBs. It provides predictive actions to simplify sales activities and shorten the time to achieve sales targets. Sales is at the core of Pipedrive, and as a reviewer on Software Advice says, the solution is “made for the salesperson.”

Pipedrive works to provide full visibility, ensure opportunities aren’t missed, improve the sales team’s productivity, prevent errors or security lapses in data management and optimize the complete sales process. Its features include sales pipeline management, activities and goals dashboard, sales reporting, email integration (Outlook, Gmail and more), a sales forecasting tool, data importing and exporting, iOS and Android mobile apps and customized product creation.

Overall, users like Pipedrive’s simple interface and short learning curve. One user says,

“I began using Pipedrive when I started at my organization and love its clean cut interface. I've used it with those that have less technological aptitude, and they've have easily understood the interface...It allows our administration and sales team to have a clear understanding of leads, potential projects and deals. I have enjoyed using this piece of software as it centralizes the CRM, project management and lead aspects of our business.” —Kyle from Cascade Engineering

But, users note that phone integration isn’t included in the customer service function and is a paid feature. They also say that the search option has a few glitches. One user suggests simplifying the email marketing component, so small businesses are able to run low-volume campaigns as well.

Top User-Rated Insightly Alternatives

Our second category of Insightly alternatives showcases highly rated CRM software on Software Advice.

Bpm’online CRM

Bpm'online CRM is one of the top user-rated Insightly alternatives. It can be deployed in the cloud as well as on-premise, and handles the entire customer journey from end-to-end. It has three main products:

  • Marketing: Enables multichannel promotion
  • Sales: Offers sales force automation
  • Service: Delivers customer support via different communication channels

Bpm’online CRM aligns all presales, sales and post-sales activities in a single platform. Companies can choose to purchase each product separately or as a suite. This flexibility allows them to test the solution, customize it as they like and add features as they grow. Another advantage is that setting up or customizing bpm’online CRM doesn’t require coding experience.

With high ratings for ease-of-use, functionality, value for money, customer support and quality, users say that bpm’online CRM improves the whole sales process. One user says:

“With the deployment of the bpm’online system, we finally united our three main departments: marketing, sales and service, which allowed our heads of departments to automate lots of routine processes. Now marketing and sales managers work as one team, instantly share the business information on the leads, potential buyers, orders etc. Coherent communication and internal operations increased the productivity of the staff.” —Shaji from Captv8

On the downside, one user notes that, at first, their less technically inclined employees found the software to be “a bit complicated.” Another reviewer said that bpm’online’s out-of-box processes didn’t cover all their operational needs, and they had to work with their client support manager for further customization.

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM is another top-rated Insightly alternative. It rates highly in ease-of-use, functionality, value for money, customer support and quality. The cloud-based software is ideal for SMBs, as it offers scalability and suits any industry.

Mothernode CRM offers the following functions:

  • Sales: Includes leads and opportunities, pipeline management, dashboards, report automation and sales automation.
  • Marketing: Offers marketing automation, lead capture forms, custom email template design, campaign analytics and A/B testing.
  • Operations: Provides customer management, task management, team collaboration (i.e., real-time communication on customer accounts), notifications and account automation.
  • Integrations: Email integration (Gmail and Outlook), calendar integration, mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and more.

Mothernode CRM has five editions for different requirements and budgets:

  • Sales Team: Helps to increase sales and retain customers.
  • Sales & Marketing: Focuses on rapid growth as well as customer retention.
  • Professional: Offers advanced customer management and support.
  • Enterprise: Provides advanced features for larger logistical operations.
  • Marketer: Includes marketing and sales features for large-scale campaigns and sales activities.

SMBs that have reviewed Mothernode CRM say it covers all basic and complex sales and marketing. One user says:

“We rely a lot on the collaborative features and it has helped us stay organized. As a small company, it's been critical for us to have access to time-saving features like automated events, email marketing, sales automation etc. Before Mothernode, our manual processes took way too much time, and we were never going to grow our business as fast as we could with Mothernode.” —Dave from DUPLICATA PRODUCTIONS

On the other hand, users wish Mothernode CRM included certain features, such as deleting unwanted prospects in bulk and meeting synchronization. Another user would like “to see a client-facing portal added that could serve as an online store or online ordering system.”

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