Top Microsoft Dynamics Competitors: The Best Alternatives for Your Business

For new customer relationship management system seekers, or those looking to replace their current system, it's natural to lean toward the big players and the names you already know.

For example, you’d expect that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a quality system from the largest software company on the planet, and you’d be right. The Dynamics CRM is rich with features designed to help companies from various industries boost sales, track and measure marketing campaigns, maximize customer satisfaction and use social media effectively.

Microsoft also offers multiple versions of the software to help with the daily tasks of nearly any business size and industry. Plus, the system can easily integrate with all those MS Office programs that are so familiar to you.

Each version is based on the department it’s designed for:

  • Sales versions range from $50 to $85 per user per month and include sales force automation and social engagement tools.
  • Marketing versions range from $125 to $200 or more and include marketing campaign management and analytics functionality.
  • A Social version with social listening and sales force automation features is $65 per user per month.

Note: Most versions require a minimum of five users.


Social engagement metrics dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM software is one of the fastest growing software segments, according to Gartner. So, if you’d prefer to shop around, you have a wealth of different systems to check out. (The full report, “Market Share Analysis: Customer Relationship Management Software, Worldwide, 2015” by Joanne M. Correia, Yanna Dharmasthira and Julian Poulter, is available to Gartner clients.)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is rated well, though some find it too expensive or difficult-to-use. To ease the stress of evaluating competing systems, we’re listing five Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives in two categories and offering some additional guidance:

Most Asked-About Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives

These first two alternatives are CRMs that are most often searched for with Microsoft Dynamics. For example, “Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce” is a commonly searched term in Google.

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


If you’re starting your search for a CRM, Salesforce is a name that will likely pop up first. Salesforce is the fastest growing CRM vendor by revenue, and offers sales management, marketing automation, customer service and about a dozen more features.

The contact management functionality stores details about clients and prospects, and can integrate social media feeds to gain insight into their biggest operational challenges. Marketing automation gives users a way to manage campaigns and track success with advanced, graphical reports.

Salesforce offers four versions of their CRM:

  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter at $25 per user per month
  • Lightning Professional at $75 per user per month
  • Lightning Enterprise at $150 per user per month
  • Unlimited Enterprise at $300 per user per month

See our side-by-side comparison of Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, including user reviews.


SAP is the second-largest CRM provider in the industry, and their system includes core sales and marketing automation, channel management and customer service features to manage your sales pipeline and execute successful campaigns.

You can enhance the system with an array of add-on modules, such as channel management, business communication capabilities and the interaction center, which helps companies handle customer complaints and answer questions.

SAP is quiet about exact pricing, though it is offered on a subscription basis, and the system is available through either a cloud-based or on-premise deployment.

Top User-Rated Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives

We chose the next three alternatives based on their high user ratings on Software Advice.


DYL is an all-in-one CRM for small businesses that need sales automation, lead management and a business phone system to reach current and prospective customers. Target industries for this system include insurance companies, medical practices, real estate management, dealerships and nonprofit organizations.

DYL’s ContactConnect offers a way to store and manage contacts, set alerts for appointments, schedule automatic follow-ups by email or phone, as well as a way to send leads messaging by text. CampaignConnect performs auto-dialing, while LeadConnect helps transform leads into sales by quickly connecting online visitors to agents.

The system starts at $65 per user per month, with a discount for those who choose to pay annually. Users can also get unlimited texting capabilities for $50 per month.

FollowUp Power

Designed for companies in the industrial, commercial and residential construction contracting industry, FollowUp Power streamlines the sales and bidding process for new projects and helps identify the most profitable opportunities.

The multi-bid feature helps contractors organize bids for various projects and other general contractors, and assists your sales and estimating teams. The system tracks projects and their status, calculates estimated profits from projects and displays key performance indicators in a customizable dashboard. A user-friendly interface helps any employee find data or generate reports and charts.

FollowUp Power doesn’t share pricing information or version details online.

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM helps manage contacts, sales teams and inventory, nurture leads and identify the best opportunities, all in the cloud. It is also accessible on mobile devices. The system can integrate with popular accounting and marketing systems, such as QuickBooks or MailChimp.

Collaboration tools include real-time chat and notifications about important actions, for example, when you’re tagged in a note, when your clients or customers request support or when the status of your workflow progresses. Mothernode also has a work order system for creating and assigning jobs, and a notification will signal that it was accepted.

Mothernode CRM versions include packages designed for specific teams:

  • Marketer at $59 per user per month
  • Sales Team at $49 per user per month
  • Sales & Marketing package at $59 per user per month

The Professional ($69 per user per month) and Enterprise versions ($99 per user per month) offer additional customer service and workflow management functionality.

Next Steps

We hope this list helps you decide which CRM is best for your company. If you need more guidance, here are some options:

  • We have profiles for nearly 300 CRM systems. Visit our list and CRM Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the features, deployments and pricing.
  • Give our software advisors a call at (855) 998-8505 for a free consultation that narrows down your best options into a handful of systems.