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Pipetop is a cloud-based customer relationship manager (CRM) solution aimed at a number of verticals, including e-­commerce, consumer brands, software and IT and creative agencies.

Pipetop aims to ease lead generation and tracking. It offers a Chrome plugin that helps collect relevant LinkedIn profiles, and it has an automated search for ideal contacts based on parameters users define.

Pipetop offers segmenting functionality, enabling users to filter by business categories and technologies used, as well as other targeting parameters, such as Adwords placement and social media usage.

Moreover, the product’s web crawling service aggregates work emails for many businesses, providing an automated service to find “more than 70 percent” of contacts’ work email addresses.

Pipetop also provides links and import functionality with many of the most popular CRM solutions on the market, including Salesforce, Zoho and Base.

Pipetop offers three tiers of paid services, including starter, mid-range, and enterprise licenses.


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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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