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Founded in 2007 and built on the Salesforce platform, REthink by Think Tech Labs is a powerful, customizable, web-based Customer Relationship Management solution designed for the real estate industry. REthink was designed by industry experts to optimize buying, selling, leasing, and managing properties and can be used by virtually any real estate professional. It offers an integrated suite of applications: Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Web Self-Service, and Social CRM.

REthink makes it incredibly easy to showcase listings. Agents and brokers can send emails directly through the system, and buyers can reply with offers and schedule showings. The system stores images and other property information, which can be combined to generate listing image galleries that will display plotted on a map. MLS integration allows agents to incorporate listings and show them to their pool of prospects; automated notifications can be setup to alert agents of new listings that adhere to specified criteria. 

We like the fact that REthink can be accessed anywhere, on any device with a web browser. All information related to the property, listing, or contact is available in real-time, so users know the information they're viewing is up-to-date. This, combined with a multitude of other features like custom action plans, team collaboration tools, graphical dashboards, and much more make this an end-to-end solution to replace disparate single-purpose applications and tools. 

REthink is a robust, easy-to-use application that helps brokers and agents manage their entire business process, from capturing a lead to closing a sale. We recommend it to Real Estate agencies with more than one employee looking for a powerful and configurable solution that doesn't require a large upfront investment or an IT department to maintain. 


REthink - Connect Listing with Buyers
  • REthink - Connect Listing with Buyers
    Connect Listing with Buyers
  • REthink - Use Listing Browser to Create an Offer
    Use Listing Browser to Create an Offer
  • REthink - Manage your Clients Activity
    Manage your Clients Activity
  • REthink - Balance your Income & Expenses
    Balance your Income & Expenses
  • REthink - Connect with Clients
    Connect with Clients
  • REthink - Use Listing Browser to Create an Offer and Email it out
    Use Listing Browser to Create an Offer and Email it out
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Lee Ann from Austin City Living Real Estate

September 2012

September 2012



Product Quality

Customer Support

Wonderful service, REthink is very hands on and reliable. These guys bend over backwards to make sure you understand the process, and they are always available any time we ask for help. I love the way you can keep customizing REthink to completely fit the needs of your business. I would recommend the REThink App to anyone. They're such a big help.