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Richmond ServiceDesk is a help desk platform that tracks issues, service requests and configuration details using standardized CMDB (configuration management database) organization methodology. This solution is noted for its ability to link incident reports to multiple custom variables (e.g., user, device, location), whereas many other help desk platforms allow for only one.

ServiceDesk offers a high degree of customization. Users make changes to configurations, features and options through a graphical user interface, so no coding is needed. Furthermore, the system is designed so that all customizations remain in place even when the software is updated.

ServiceDesk includes a self service application that allows end users to access a select library of online self-help resources. It also features reporting and analytics dashboards, customizable alerts and stakeholder notifications. It is available for on-premise installation or online as a Web-based service.


Richmond ServiceDesk - Incident statistics
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Incident statistics
    Incident statistics
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Incident list
    Incident list
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Service list
    Service list
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Server upgrade
    Server upgrade
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Customer service desk
    Customer service desk
  • Richmond ServiceDesk - Support request
    Support request
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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