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SAVO is a full suite of sales enablement and productivity tools. It provides reps with sales enablement content and coaching within the context of their customer relationship mamangement (CRM) account, including within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics lead and opportunity records. This, in turn, increases sales productivity and improves CRM user adoption.

SAVO allows sales reps to have sales enablement content and assets dynamically pushed to them in the context of their current selling situation. This content is prescriptively delivered based on the information sales reps input into their CRM record. SAVO can also provide timely advice on next steps in the sales cycle.

Finally, SAVO can help sales teams customize and automate the creation of key selling documents, such as proposals and presentations. This helps reps connect with customers’ key value drivers and pain points in order to drive differentiation throughout every stage of the buying process.


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Trent from Philips
Specialty: Healthcare / Medicine

November 2015

November 2015

Sales Enablement



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Best in class and improving. Enhancements inline with our requirements.

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Reporting is time consuming. You can get to the information, but it takes time and resources.


Make sure you look at the integration and the mobile functionality.