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Smart Touch Interactive is a web-based Customer Relationship Management platform designed specifically for homebuilders and real estate agents. This comprehensive suite of applications can help businesses understand and make the most of each buyer touch point through the buyer lifecycle; users will find that it offers a scientific approach to create deep connections between a brand and a buyer through a combination of action and emotion.

Smart Touch Interactive’s full-featured Marketing Automation application is available standalone, and includes many useful features such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, and marketing analytics. 

We really like Smart Touch Interactive’s targeted and intelligent e-mail campaigns. They’re broken down into key areas that are modified in subject matter and tone. Multiple campaigns range from uncomplicated text based e-mail and template based communications, to comprehensive, highly customized campaigns with data collection, custom landing pages, and tailored forms. This approach is based on years of research, and the result is a scientific approach to deploy the right cadence for the specific type and phase of progress of the prospect. 

Smart Touch Interactive proudly partners with many industry-leading homebuilder clients, and the system has helped hundreds of clients generate over half a billion dollars in real estate sales. A committed staff based in Austin, TX, supports users of the system and goes so far as to provide their mobile numbers to customers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 


SmartTouch Interactive - Capture leads
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Capture leads
    Capture leads
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Measure and report performance
    Measure and report performance
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Campaign alert
    Campaign alert
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Campaign editor
    Campaign editor
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Manage leads
    Manage leads
  • SmartTouch Interactive - Track leads' activities
    Track leads' activities
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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