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SpiceCSM offers an array of powerful products and services that have been developed to increase the success and efficacy of any customer care organization. Supporting businesses of any size with 20 or more agents, SpiceCSM offers companies a unique, innovative way to quickly adapt to the needs of their customers, and easily scale their support infrastructure as the company grows. What makes SpiceCSM unique is that it combines corporate and customer support into a single Customer Engagement Platform. This platform can be molded to support the needs of a number of verticals, including ISP tech support, higher education, help desk, multi-brand contact centers, and more. Using powerful cloud-based decision tree functionality, both the guided and the self-service i...

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Based on a per user model, Spice is easily integrated with your current systems to maximize agent ef

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Reviewed April 2017

A great idea...

Spice is a great program to guide my employees through processes so that they know what they need to do. The aesthetics are decent and it functions well. A lot of updates were made recently that have caused a lot of issues on our end. I have a contact and she is wonderful, but a lot of times the fixes are above my comprehension. Some of the process editor items are very straight forward and easy to use. I have limited knowledge, so the flaw could be me, but overall, it does seem to have a few little quirks that need worked out.