CSDP Service Relationship Management Software

Customer Service Delivery Platform's (CSDP) SRM is a hybrid customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses to automate their customer service and service delivery routines. It provides businesses, professional services for inventory control, knowledge management, field services, time tracking and more.

SRM provides users visibility into company contracts, warranties and entitlement management. With these tools, custom client agreements can be implemented and organized, providing the specific management tools for each organization.

Additionally, SRM offers businesses tools necessary to respond to customer feedback and then manage service offerings based upon that feedback. This helps organizations to address customer concerns and ensures that short and long-term issues are addressed with the client. The solution can be tailored to meet the requirements of businesses in industries such as maintenance, manufacturing, high-tech and more.

SRM can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Services are offered per-module on a monthly subscription basis. Perpetual licenses are also offered for a one-time fee that includes support via phone and email.

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June 2018

Shatabdi from Ericsson

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June 2018

The tool is user friendly but mapping on the VPNs is a challenge.

Best benifit is the availability of all the past data in a single platform. Believe me it really helps.


UI is good and data is readily available. The tool is user friendly and historical data can be used with ease.


Login issues and bugs are a concern.
Sometimes even when you are logged in the application takes a lot of time to load pages.