Top Zoho CRM Competitors:
The Best Zoho CRM Alternatives for Your Business

Zoho CRM is customer relationship management (CRM) software geared towards small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It includes a wide variety of tools for more effective CRM, including sales force, marketing automation, workflow, customer reporting and analytics, customization for specific industries and mobile/multichannel integration.

Zoho is cloud-based, meaning that it is available anywhere with internet access, it does not require any additional IT infrastructure and it is updated and secured by Zoho itself. As such, you pay a monthly fee based on the number of users and the specific features you’re using.

Adaptability is one thing Zoho prides itself on, and thus the system can integrate with other software solutions you may already have in place such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office and Sharepoint. Zoho will also customize your system with their over 25 add-on applications for your business’ industry-specific needs.

Zoho also specializes in multichannel integration, meaning it can help you figure out the best way to connect with your current and potential customers—through the phone, email, live chat, social media and even in person—and track each of those interactions. Tracking and email analytics allow you to follow what those customers are viewing and engaging with, so you can identify the best opportunity to jump in and make a connection.

Although Zoho is a popular and widely-used choice for CRM, you may be looking for a better fit for your needs: Perhaps you want a system that’s more customizable to a niche industry, or one that provides more applications. To help with that, we’ve put together this list of alternative CRM systems to Zoho in order to help you choose the best option for you.

We’ve divided the top Zoho competitors into two distinct categories:

Note: you can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.

Most Asked-About Zoho Alternatives

We’ve determined the two following alternatives by tracking which products are most searched for alongside Zoho.


Salesforce is the top-selling CRM system in the world, and offers a wide variety of on-demand applications and features.

Salesforce’s main focus is on sales and support, but its platform provides the scalability, flexibility and customizability needed by different-sized organizations within various industries.

Salesforce’s key applications include sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. These are particularly useful for automating sales, managing customer accounts, tracking sales leads, monitoring marketing campaigns and providing post-sale service.

Like Zoho, Salesforce is cloud-based, so it doesn’t require additional IT support. It can be integrated with various other systems, including Outlook and social media platforms.


Insightly is specifically geared toward SMBs, and helps them both with project management and tracking contacts, communications, sales and documents.

Part of how Insightly does this is by integrating with other popular applications you may already be using—Google Calendar, Gmail and Drive, Outlook 2013, MailChimp, Evernote, Box, Dropbox, QuickBooks Online and more.

Through Gmail integration, emails are saved directly into Insightly, so users can access the entire history of those conversations within the platform.

Insightly provides a variety of different reports and analytics, including “Advanced Reports,” which allow for the creation of customizable reports on the particular information you want to see, from individual employees’ activities to ROI on specific campaigns.

Insightly is cloud-based and offers full mobile access.

Top User-Rated Zoho Alternatives

The next three Zoho competitors have been identified through an analysis of Software Advice’s user reviews. Using this data, we rank products based on their average overall star-rating (out of a possible five).

For comparison, Zoho has an average rating of 4.0.

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM has an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars. It is a full CRM suite that offers visual-based dashboards to provide transparency into the entire sales process, including contact management and lead generation and tracking.

Through these dashboards, Pipeliner provides an overall view of leads’ and clients’ preferences, activities, interactions and comments.

Pipeliner is cloud-based and provides mobile access via an app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, as well as offline capability for both the desktop and the mobile app. Users throughout the company can easily access the dashboards most useful to them.

Pipeliner’s intuitive interface and user-friendliness make it popular with our reviewers. One user notes an appreciation for the way “Pipeliner puts everything you need right in front of you, no having to click around multiple screens or complicated navigation,” which “has transformed CRM from being passive and dull to being an active and engaging experience.”

ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks CRM has an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars. Its main appeal among our reviewers is an easy-to-use interface and adaptability to any industry.

ProsperWorks is cloud-based and provides full email integration, so tasks are visible in Gmail and linked to the program’s log of contacts and calendar events, making it a good fit for small businesses that use Google Apps.

One user explains that, “Prosperworks CRM has integrated seamlessly with our Gmail hosted emails. The ease of integration and use has been phenomenal in ensuring that we were able to get this up and running with no work stoppage.”

The system will also independently search online to find and fill in relevant customer data, and will use that data, as well as previous correspondences, to suggest potential new contacts.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM has an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars. With possibly the best name on the market, Less Annoying CRM aims to be, well, less annoying. It offers a cloud-based deployment that is designed especially for small businesses with limited tech personnel and resources.

Less Annoying CRM’s main function is to consolidate customer information in a location that’s accessible to your entire team for easy-to-understand contact management and sales force automation.

Users of Less Annoying CRM note particularly high satisfaction with the vendor’s customer support.

Next Steps

CRM software vendors provide multiple applications for a variety of different business needs, sizes and industries, so you want to be sure that the system you choose is the best fit for your company. Although Zoho offers many benefits, it is a good idea to check out other options and consider which one best aligns with your own needs.

If you’d like to see more options, check out even more Zoho alternatives in our CRM Software Buyer’s Guide.

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