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Reviewflowz is an all-in-one Review Management Platform b2b SaaS & digital-first companies. Stay on top of your reviews by getting notified for each new review you get online on Slack, Email, or Webhooks. Access all your revie...Read more about ReviewFlowz

Merchant Centric

Merchant Centric is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers via social media and drive customer loyalty, while also allowing them to identify new revenue streams through effective reputation m...Read more about Merchant Centric

RO Innovation

Upland RO Innovation is customer reference management software that puts the spotlight on your best advocates so you can enhance brand visibility and win more deals. Make it easy to find approved references by eliminating the cha...Read more about RO Innovation


Orca is a sales force automation software designed to help sales and customer success teams monitor and manage referral requests. The platform enables administrators to create custom rules to approve and manage the validity of ref...Read more about Orca

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Dynata Insights Platform

Dynata Insights Platform is a customer engagement software that helps businesses review, approve, share and deliver data. The solution enables managers to gain insights into audience demographics, brand health and campaign analyti...Read more about Dynata Insights Platform

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AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing automation platform to boost the impact of eCommerce marketing across the entire customer lifecycle by leveraging user data, automation, AI/ML, and personalized techniques. This platform is de...Read more about AiTrillion

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TechValidate automates the process of collecting, analyzing, and publishing customer feedback so businesses can get the most out of the data. The platform is built on a proprietary technology that identifies advocates in the custo...Read more about TechValidate

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Preferred Patron Loyalty

Preferred Patron is a customer loyalty and engagement program designed for companies of all sizes that offers incentive promotions, visitor loyalty management, multi-channel marketing and gift card management functionalities withi...Read more about Preferred Patron Loyalty

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InviteReferrals is a cloud-based solution designed to help online businesses of all sizes manage customer referral programs through mobile applications and social sharing tools. Key features include campaign management, lead gener...Read more about InviteReferrals

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ReferenceEdge is a cutting-edge cloud-based customer reference management system that provides enterprises with a centralized platform to efficiently track and manage customer references for their sales and marketing requirements...Read more about ReferenceEdge

monday sales CRM

Built on top of Work OS, monday sales CRM is a no-code, customizable solution that empowers managers and sales teams to take control of their entire sales cycle - from lead capturing and sales pipeline management to pos...Read more about monday sales CRM

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Instil empowers nonprofits with the tools needed to deepen relationships with the community, grow revenue and maximize impact. Its modern, holistic, intelligent, and purpose-built platform manages donors, members, volunteers, advo...Read more about Instil


Verified is a customer reference management platform that helps users eliminate the need for chasing and guarding customer references and instead enables teams to sell more effectively with references. Avoid reference burnout by r...Read more about Verified

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Talon.One is a sales promotions tool that assists marketers with campaign management, custom coupon creation and referral marketing. Key features include activity tracking, gift card management, multi-channel marketing, gift card ...Read more about Talon.One


Kangaroo is a cloud-based loyalty and marketing management platform designed for retail businesses of all sizes that offers membership management, corporate memberships, gift cards, loyalty management, and analytics within a suite...Read more about Kangaroo

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Flyx is an omnichannel loyalty program that helps improve growth and customer engagement through a loyalty engine. Users can gain an understanding of customers, customize communications based on clients' preferences, disseminate d...Read more about Flyx

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Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and e-commerce functionalities in one suite. Keap helps small businesses across v...Read more about Keap

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