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axiUm Dental is a HIPAA-compliant, ONC-ATCB certified system that includes electronic health record (EHR), billing and practice management applications. It was designed to address the needs of educational institutions, such as dental hygiene schools, and dental organizations with multiple locations. It also includes an orthodontics and periodontics module, with applications tailored towards these specialty practices.

This product is an on-premise system that includes a patient portal, PatientAccess, and a faculty portal for teachers, FacultyAccess, which shows class rosters and student procedure information. Faculty members are able to record grades and course evaluations to track student progress throughout the program.

axiUm’s practice management application, Patient Card, allows users to attach patient photos to charts, view all appointments and referrals (current and historic) and keep track of patient communication.

The transactions module connects to a patient’s health record to create a ledger of their account. Within this module, special billing arrangements can be made and an unlimited amount of insurance provider information can be entered.


axiUm Dental - Appointment scheduler
  • axiUm Dental - Appointment scheduler
    Appointment scheduler
  • axiUm Dental - Patient chart (view 1)
    Patient chart (view 1)
  • axiUm Dental - Patient chart (view 2)
    Patient chart (view 2)
  • axiUm Dental - Patient rolodex
    Patient rolodex
  • axiUm Dental - Patient card
    Patient card
  • axiUm Dental - Messenger
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8

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