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MacPractice DDS is an on-premise dental office management solution designed specifically for Mac operating systems. It includes an ONC-ATCB certified electronic dental record, billing, practice management/patient scheduling and digital imaging applications. These applications include templates for general and pediatric dentists as well as periodontists.

The digital radiography module stores patient X-rays and photographs and is compatible with several types of dental sensors and cameras. Dentists can edit, measure, zoom and adjust photographs and X-rays within the module and attach them to patient files for future reference.

Users can also attach other types of documents to patient files using the attachment feature. Documents can include scans of insurance cards, explanation of benefits (EOBs) and patient registration forms. Attachments can also be flagged for review to ensure accuracy.

MacPractice DDS also includes employee management features. The time clock feature lets users clock in and out, schedule vacation days/paid time off and input sick days.


MacPractice DDS - Digital radiography
  • MacPractice DDS - Digital radiography
    Digital radiography
  • MacPractice DDS - Patient ledger
    Patient ledger
  • MacPractice DDS - Inventory
  • MacPractice DDS - Attachments
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS

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Grace from First Place Dentistry
Specialty: General dentistry
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

February 2017

February 2017

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Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

To get you to order their software, they make it seem like every aspect is customizable- it is not! This software has other versions for chiropractors, doctors, etc, and all are on the same platform just very slightly tailored to one or the other. There are tons of things that dental offices do not need which take up memory & computing space of our server & computers. They refuse to remove them! There are screens that do not make sense &/or are a huge waste of space. When viewing previous period charting: the screen loads weird & you can not click to compare progress. It crashes often & requires you to upgrade memory or purchase all new computers & server about every 2 years. So many glitches that tech support refuses to fix.


The scheduling feature, when it works properly, looks nice. The Attachments and Notes areas work well for what we need as do the e-claims.


Reports: they are not comprehensive and track very few statistics that are useful to the dental office, like marketing. In the software, there is a place to enter a Referral (where/how the patient found our office). However, once you enter it, you cannot generate a report for Marketing. The only reports are for the other two types of referrals ("Transition From" or "Transition To"). The developers do not want to listen to advice to make it more user-friendly even though common sense dictates otherwise. Patients, & myself, think that the statements are long & confusing. They refuse to fix most things that I point our to them as missing or not working properly.

Advice to Others

Look into other options before spending your hard earned dollars on this software!