Bridgeline Digital's iAPPS Commerce is an e-commerce solution that helps companies of all sizes manage their online businesses. Companies can choose to deploy the solution on-premise or use it as a cloud-based solution.

Using iAPPS Commerce, companies can sell their products on a website, intranet, extranet or portal. They can create multilevel product categories and display product information as an online catalog for their buyers. Customers can add products to a shopping cart and make payments in multiple currencies. Companies can also manage marketing promotions and offer special combos, discounts and coupon codes to customers.

With iAPPS Commerce, companies can automate 301 redirects, generate sitemaps and optimize their e-commerce portal for search engines. In addition, they can track customer orders and view reports such as sales trends and buyer demographics on a central dashboard.

Businesses can also leverage the iAPPS product suite, which includes a content management system, web analytics tool and more.

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