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Casepoint is a cloud-based legal discovery platform that helps corporations, law firms, and government organizations with complex litigation, investigation, data privacy, and compliance needs. Legal professionals can upload data in a secure, FedRAMP Authorized database and leverage robust product features, such as built-in artificial intelligence. Casepoint allows organizations to streamline the entire legal discovery process with an end-to-end platform. From legal hold and preservation to production and Case Summary, maximize your efficiency and reduce risk with the Casepoint Legal Discovery Platform....

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Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Industry: Legal Services

Time used: Less than 2 years

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June 2016

CasePoint is Great!

Really good product. We were hesitant at first as we have traditionally gone with Relativity but these guys have a great product and none of the user license crap or clunkiness of Relativity. Our attorneys (both partners and associates) and paralegals like Casepoint.


Easy to use and it is super fast (especially consider the large data sizes of each of our matters). We like that is fully web based and you don't need to download any software or use any applets and works great on mac or pc and most browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox). They actually have a lot of great features but our attorney's really like their simple and advance search functions, the analytics function which allow you to view the data in different ways and their ECA, TAR and analytic capabilities are pretty good. Very frankly, its a lot cheaper than Relativity and we get all the functionality (if not more). Also, they are one of the few providers that handle lotus notes database (and email) data really well. They also process data pretty quickly and their litigation support staff is very responsive and are not afraid to push back if they see something wrong (i.e. not lemmings ...they actually think and use their brain)!


They allow for a lot of customization and configuration on user defined roles to the Nth degree however for some of that customization you have to work with them rather than being able to do it yourself.