IPRO Eclipse SE software

2 reviews(5.0/5)
2 reviews(5.0/5)

IPRO Eclipse SE is an eDiscovery, review and production platform for corporations, law firms, government agencies and legal service providers. It is accessible by any number of users with no SQL backend or DBA required. It helps in ingest natives files, unitize documents and manage reviews.

Eclipse SE allows users to combine large and multi-document files in less time by applying breaks in one pass. Users can set criteria to create and assign batches to reviewers. It has advanced analytics and computer-assisted review, which enables users to compare and find duplicate documents and email conversations. They can also group similar type of documents.

Eclipse SE’s reviews include advanced search options, batch review, keyword highlighting, transcript management and document tagging. It offers two database options including a self-contained database and with an SQL back end. The distributed indexing helps users handle millions of records within the infrastructure.

The cloud-based version of Eclipse is available via IPRO cloud and IPRO certified hosting partner.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 10

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  • Charles from Scarinci & Hollenbeck LLC

    Number of employees: 51-200 employees

    February 2017

    Power to the law firm people; take it back from the expensive hosting solutions

    Value for Money

    When firms are billing clients hundreds of thousands for expensive cloud-based consulting and hosting, along comes flat-file Eclipse SE to show lawyers how superb and much better an inexpensive in-house solution can be. Yet it also comes with upgrade potential to cloud-based SQL Eclipse if you need that later or in parallel for the gigantic matter. Few matters are so enormous that they can't be handled in Eclipse SE. This is soup to nuts: from native .pdf collections or acquired load files to document reviews and tagging; to processing in the background while you do other work; to review; to on-the-spot dep prep and printouts for exhibits; to retrieving trial exhibits; to generating load files and publishing .tif images. You get electronic documents from your client and within as few as a couple of hours you can serve your bates-stamped document production fully featured with load files in all of the formats. A very fine degree of control over what you want to OCR; where you want to store; how you and your team reviews and tags; and what you want to produce. An optional "publish" module allows you to publish part of the database as a run-time to your experts, clients whatever. And recently, another optional module to process duplicates (while this duplicate processing is currently more expensive, it still is a much better deal than the licensing-hosting). Belongs on every user's desktop, and is priced accordingly. The only negative is that except for published databases, you need data on a central server for access by multiple persons and an inexpensive remote access program to access the platformed program from outside of the office.


    Extraordinarily powerful, soup to nuts. IPRO has everything covered. Fast and accurate. Concurrent licensing and inexpensive. Fantastic documentation and very solid and responsive customer support included with the licensing.


    The duplication processing software is a separate module and its licensing is currently over three times the basic license. Also, with the power comes a bit of complexity but it is extraordinarily well documented so you can look up your issues.

    Review Source: Capterra
  • Jeremy from Jones Waldo

    July 2015

    Easiest tool with the least amount of setup


    Eclipse SE is a great non sql based desktop application that can service all your ediscovery processing and review needs. Eclipse SE is the perfect application for law firms looking to move their litigation support in house without having to build a server infrastructure to support it. With it being a desktop application it is not built to handle gigantic matters but if you get that matter you can seamlessly upgrade your existing case in Eclipse SE to sql based Eclipse Web.

    Review Source: Capterra
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