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EtQ Reliance is an environmental health and safety (EHS) platform that helps users offer transparency in compliance-related processes. The product can either be deployed on-premise or accessed via the cloud.

EtQ Reliance offers a job-safety analysis module that helps users find hazards and determine next best actions. It can also be integrated with risk-assessment utilities that can quantify residual risk and assign safety equipment to people as per the risk involved in their job positions.

The solution offers a customizable dashboard that allows users to pull real-time EHS data and access it on any device.

EtQ Reliance's incident management module allows users to generate OSHA reports and file with regulatory bodies. Users can further improve data visibility by generating charts, supporting analytics and delivering customized alerts.


EtQ Reliance - Analytics
  • EtQ Reliance - Analytics
  • EtQ Reliance - Compliance dashboard
    Compliance dashboard
  • EtQ Reliance - Data filtering
    Data filtering
  • EtQ Reliance - Drill-down charting
    Drill-down charting
  • EtQ Reliance - Workflow engine
    Workflow engine
  • EtQ Reliance - Administration
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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