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Libraesva Email Archiver

Libraesva Email Archiver is an email archiving solution that helps organizations with email governance, risk management, and compliance. It provides rapid e-Discovery through instant full-text search of archived emails. The softw...Read more about Libraesva Email Archiver


AI-Powered Protection for Business Email Security -Stop sophisticated attacks before they reach a user's inbox -Ensure compliance with automated DLP and 256-bit AES encryption -Automatically disable access to compromised accoun...Read more about Trustifi

4.8 (4 reviews)

ArcTitan Email Archiving

ArchTitan is a cloud-based email archiving solution designed to help businesses archive and retrieve emails from a centralized location. Key features include instant data encryption, retrievable archiving, data processing, automat...Read more about ArcTitan Email Archiving


ContentCatcher is a cloud-based, anti-spam and email security solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and prevent cyber threats. The centralized platform allows businesses to scan email attachments or URLs for mal...Read more about ContentCatcher

Email Archiving

Email Archiving by Intradyn helps government organizations and businesses in financial services, healthcare, education and other industries streamline email archiving and backup management operations. The platform allows administr...Read more about Email Archiving

4.6 (5 reviews)

Automatic Email Manager

Automatic Email Manager is a software solution that can be installed on your Windows PC Desktop, server or tablet. Repetitive tasks such as incoming emails and attachments are taken care of automatically giving employees more time...Read more about Automatic Email Manager

ComplyKEY MailMeter

MailMeter is an email archiving and compliance solution that helps businesses perform frequent in-depth searching and analysis for compliance, public records and eDiscovery on past email activities, and email messages and attachme...Read more about ComplyKEY MailMeter

4.7 (7 reviews)


SMTP2GO is a cloud-based email delivery platform that helps deliver and track emails. Its features include setup assistance, feedback loops, blacklist monitoring, spam trap detection, real-time analytics, weekly summaries and boun...Read more about SMTP2GO


Donoma OneVault is an archiving & governance platform powered a unique active encryption technology that keeps your data secure even while in use. OneVault simplifies and secures all aspects of data management: e-Discovery, com...Read more about OneVault

5.0 (3 reviews)


Aid4Mail is a fast and accurate email search and conversion application for use in digital forensics, eDiscovery, mail migration and archiving. Its proprietary engine quickly processes large volumes of email data while preserving ...Read more about Aid4Mail

5.0 (1 reviews)

Bloxera RevisionsArchiv

One of the challenges for small companies and freelancers in Germany is complying with the audit-proof archival requirements for their business mails according to regulations like GoBD and GDPR. Bloxera RevisionsArchiv turns an e...Read more about Bloxera RevisionsArchiv

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Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is ideal for mid- to enterprise-size businesses using SharePoint Online in industries with regulatory or policy compliance requirements. The SharePoint add-on lets you save and auto-classify...Read more about Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Avast Business CloudCare

AVG CloudCare is a cloud-based security suite designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and the third party managed security service providers (MSSPs), who can use this tool to manage security on behalf of their clients. ...Read more about Avast Business CloudCare

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Comet Backup

Comet is a fast, secure all-in-one backup platform for businesses and IT providers. Our backup software supports businesses across 120 countries in 13 languages. You choose your backup destination, server location, configuration a...Read more about Comet Backup

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LeanMail sets the benchmark for the efficient and effective management of email by offering tools and training that maximize the ratio of time and effort to action and tangible results. LeanMail exponentially increases the quantit...Read more about LeanMail

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MailStore Server

MailStore Server is a leading solution for email archiving. Easy to install, reliable and low-maintenance. Businesses can benefit from all advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The software creates 1...Read more about MailStore Server

Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection

Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection is a unified backup and archive as a service platform. It simplifies backup and archival for your apps and data at any scale, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business. With...Read more about Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection

4.7 (9 reviews)


There are many ways to optimize your processes and automate human processes using robotic process automation. Kofax RPA lets you do this through a robotic process automation platform that allows one to optimize their business mode...Read more about KOFAX RPA

3.0 (2 reviews)

mxHERO for Legal QuickStart

Email drives your legal practice but protecting & managing it shouldn't be your business. mxHERO, two-time, back-to-back (2019 & 2020) Astors Award Winner for Homeland Security, has created a QuickStart Package designed to bring ...Read more about mxHERO for Legal QuickStart

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Keepit is a backup platform that provides organizations with a private infrastructure to protect data across Microsoft 365 cloud platforms, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, Public Folders, and Groups....Read more about Keepit

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