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About PursueApp

PursueApp is a very powerful cold-email platform that will help you turn prospects into customers. You can bring your leads into PursueApp and mail them using any mailing system including Gmail, GSuite, Outlook or any SMTP provider. PursueApp’s visual campaign design system helps you create highly engaging email campaigns with custom journeys based on how the customer engages with your emails. It includes an anti-spam marketing system that makes it easy to run successful cold email campaigns for almost any business. It also has an in-built email verification system that lets you verify any lead that you import before mailing. The GDPR & PECR compliant software keeps your business safe and secure. PursueApp is easy to use and comes with detailed tutorials to make s...

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PursueApp Monthly - $9.95 PursueApp Yearly - $39.00

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$9.95 per month

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