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About TextSpeak NOTIFY!

TextSpeak NOTIFY! is a mass notification solution that helps schools send real-time alerts via audio announcements, text messages, desktop notifications and voice calls. The emergency screen feature allows users to trigger pre-defined notifications for incidents such as fire, severe weather conditions, intruders, active shooters and more. TextSpeak NOTIFY! enables administrators to utilize device amplifiers to deliver pre-recorded voice announcements in multiple languages and voices. Administrators can add, delete and configure access rights based on user roles, allowing specific users to change and trigger emergency alerts. Additionally, supervisors can gain insights into delivered/undelivered messages, registered users, weekly/monthly message history, and more. ...

TextSpeak NOTIFY! Pricing

TextSpeak NOTIFY! is available on a perpetual licenses and pricing starts at $2,999. The pricing scales with the number of features and can go upto $24,999.

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$2,999.00 one time

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Not Available

TextSpeak NOTIFY! campus lockdown notification
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