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Top 15 Alternatives

Veriato Workforce Behavior Analytics

Cerebral is an AI-driven threat detection solution that combines behavior analytics and user activity monitoring. This solution allows businesses to monitor and analyze devices from a single platform and can be deployed on the clo...Read more about Veriato Workforce Behavior Analytics

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a cloud-based time tracking and management solution used by businesses for monitoring workforce productivity. It offers tools for time tracking, web activity monitoring, payroll management and reporting. Time D...Read more about Time Doctor


Intradiem Intelligent Automation processes contact center management data in real-time to intelligently determine–and direct–each rep's activity to maximize productivity and engagement–every minute of every shift. Intradiem helps...Read more about Intradiem

4.38 (16 reviews) is an award-winning work and project management platform that helps teams of all sizes plan, prioritize, manage, and execute their work more effectively. The platform offers solutions for a wide range of use-cases such...Read more about

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InterGuard is an employee monitoring solution that helps businesses track activities across emails, social media and web browsing platforms. It allows users to automatically take screenshots when predefined keywords are typed or v...Read more about InterGuard

3.91 (33 reviews)

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Teramind offers employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Teramind UAM monitors user activities on applications, websites, file systems, network, email, social media and more. Behavio...Read more about Teramind

4.63 (76 reviews)

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Desktime is a time tracking solution that helps businesses of various sizes maximize team productivity and project management. The Desktime dashboard allows managers to monitor daily activities as well as sick leave, scheduled vac...Read more about DeskTime

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Kickidler is an employee monitoring and user activity tracking solution for businesses of all sizes. This solution allows managers to monitor employee devices, increase data security measures, and track productivity. This platform...Read more about Kickidler

4.71 (83 reviews)

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Berqun is a cloud-based employee monitoring solution built for businesses of any size. This solution uses productivity analysis tools to manage in-office teams as well as remote employees. Management can use Berquin to schedule de...Read more about Berqun

4.87 (38 reviews)

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CleverControl is a cloud-based solution that provides remote access and monitoring capabilities for businesses of any size. The solution is designed to monitor employee activities, measure productivity, prevent data breaches, and ...Read more about CleverControl

4.33 (12 reviews)

Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software is a remote solution for small to large companies in a multitude of industries to monitor employees. Keep track of individuals and the entire company from any location and track progress of employees ...Read more about Employee Monitoring Software

4.33 (42 reviews)

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fSense software helps companies monitor employees' activities remotely, manage computer usage and compliance, and improve team productivity. Replace repetitive and unproductive activities with smart, efficient processes and have ...Read more about fSense

4.83 (18 reviews)

Lighthouse is a mobile-first solution to capture field data and streamline operations through live tracking and mobile forms to capture tasks, incidents and audits. Lighthouse is designed for commercial cleaning and security compa...Read more about

4.44 (27 reviews)

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timeBro is a fully automatic time tracking solution for Windows & macOS, which captures every computer activity down to the second. The tool is best for everyone who wants to keep track of their time spent on projects or clients. ...Read more about timeBro

4.65 (89 reviews)

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Email Meter Enterprise

All-in-one email analytics. Email Meter helps companies analyze their email activity to improve workflows and make better decisions through data. Track and measure email volumes, response times, individual productivity, SLAs and m...Read more about Email Meter Enterprise

4.79 (19 reviews)