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AI-powered enterprise search, intranet, and knowledge base in one. Search for content across all your knowledge sources (Gdrive, Onedrive, Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint) Create, improve, or synthesize verified content and translate ...Read more about Guru


Korra is an AI-powered customer support solution designed to help businesses enhance customer service experiences. Korra offers key features, such as a self-service AI chatbot, automated content analysis, and a powerful natural la...Read more about Korra


Akooda is an enterprise search software framed with a unique combination of artificial intelligence, statistical modeling, natural language processing and military-grade security. Akooda’s platform provides a nuanced understanding...Read more about Akooda

5.0 (4 reviews)


Outfindo leverages advanced research and data-processing AI models to assist customers in selecting products through a series of questions, aiming to convert potential buyers into actual customers. The platform streamlines the cus...Read more about Outfindo

4.8 (5 reviews)

Site Search 360

Site Search 360 is a highly customizable on-site search for your e-commerce and website. Features include - - Use the crawler, provide a sitemap, upload a feed, use API, or combine all methods at once to index site pages, product...Read more about Site Search 360


DISQOVER is a knowledge discovery platform, primarily catering to life science enterprises. The platform is designed to provide valuable insights from data, assisting pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations in enhancing dat...Read more about DISQOVER

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AddSearch is a data management software designed to help website owners provide an intuitive and efficient search experience to visitors. The software can be integrated into any website, providing a fully-tailored site search solu...Read more about AddSearch


M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. M-Files enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides b...Read more about M-Files


Rio SEO® is the leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform proven to increase online visibility, grow e-commerce, and drive in-store revenue for enterprise brands worldwide. In today’s competitive, data-driven loca...Read more about Rio SEO

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Outmind is a search engine that leverages artificial intelligence technology to help businesses access documents, chats, emails, and other information. Teams can view highlighted reference documents. It identifies the relevant int...Read more about Outmind

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Knowliah is a cloud-based legal case and knowledge management solution that allows enterprise-level law firms and corporate legal counsel to effectively manage and organize matters and unstructured information/knowledge for improv...Read more about Knowliah


Onna is a platform for real-time search across multiple repositories that aids in eDiscovery and finding high-value items across legal departments. It offers collaboration, document sharing, reporting, compliance management and ke...Read more about Onna

4.6 (5 reviews)

Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion is a cloud-based solution designed to help IT teams manage data discovery through natural language processing (NLP), query intent classification, information clustering and ranking algorithms. Key features includ...Read more about Lucidworks Fusion

4.0 (1 reviews)


TAS Enterprise Search is a cloud-based and on-premise domain and subject independent search engine, which offers advanced and bulk search features for businesses, non-profits, academic institutions and government organizations. Wi...Read more about Precognox

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Spotler Activate Search

Sooqr is a cloud-based eCommerce software that helps businesses optimize web searches within their websites, monitor product recommendations, analyze conversion rates, and more. Some features include order management, merchandisin...Read more about Spotler Activate Search


Hanzo is a data discovery software that helps teams search, collect, control, and preserve enterprise data. Administrators can capture data from teams’ messages, collaboration and productivity application data, and other interacti...Read more about Hanzo

4.7 (9 reviews)


With the INDICA Data Management Platform users have a clear overview from one dashboard of all their data. Users can find any word in any document, file or image description by simply entering it in the search box. But INDICA ca...Read more about INDICA

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With Partium, users can find spare parts in catalogs, portals & webshops faster, easier, and more conveniently. Simply by snapping a picture of the part, using semantic text search, searching by description, and many more. Partiu...Read more about Partium

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Briq is a financial automation platform that enables construction companies to be more efficient and profitable. Briq automates financial workflows by connecting the people, processes, and systems that contractors use to run their...Read more about Briq


We want to help you to make full use of our tools so that you're set up for winning from day zero. Bloomreach connects the dots between the core parts of the commerce experience to engage, inspire, and convert your customers for ...Read more about Bloomreach

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