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AddSearch is a data management software designed to help website owners provide an intuitive and efficient search experience to visitors. The software can be integrated into any website, providing a fully-tailored site search solu...Read more about AddSearch

4.90 (21 reviews)

Luigi's Box

Luigi's Box is an AI-driven, cloud-based software platform that uses machine learning to help businesses make better decisions by making sense of its data, putting it into context, and understanding how to improve its business pro...Read more about Luigi's Box

4.85 (59 reviews)

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries manage enterprise search and customer service operations. The a...Read more about Coveo Relevance Cloud

4.00 (4 reviews)

Site Search 360

Site Search 360 is a highly customizable on-site search for your e-commerce and website. Features include - - Use the crawler, provide a sitemap, upload a feed, use API, or combine all methods at once to index site pages, product...Read more about Site Search 360

4.67 (46 reviews)


Lookeen is an enterprise search solution designed for businesses using Microsoft Outlook and Windows systems. It enables staff members to utilize the built-in filter tools to restrict search results based on multiple categories, s...Read more about Lookeen

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We want to help you to make full use of our tools so that you're set up for winning from day zero. Bloomreach connects the dots between the core parts of the commerce experience to engage, inspire, and convert your customers for ...Read more about Bloomreach

4.68 (38 reviews)

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Algolia is a search and discovery API platform for building powerful and composable experiences while solving for relevance with AI and configurable rules. Algolia Search enables our customers to design and implement unique searc...Read more about Algolia

4.72 (67 reviews)

Learn More is an e-commerce personalization software that helps online stores acquire, convert and retain more customers through AI-driven technology. Clerk's intelligent search engine automatically corrects spelling errors, sugge...Read more about

4.68 (19 reviews)


Outmind is a search engine that leverages artificial intelligence technology to help businesses access documents, chats, emails, and other information. Teams can view highlighted reference documents. It identifies the relevant int...Read more about Outmind

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Curiosity unifies your data and apps in one modern AI search that helps you get work done. Features include - - Search local files and cloud apps (deep text search) - Launch programs and manage your clipboard - Stay in touch with ...Read more about Curiosity

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Amazon Cloud Search

Amazon Cloud Search is a software application that allows website owners to manage the content of their site(s) and optimize for better search engine rankings. Amazon Cloud Search produces a list of search results based on keyword...Read more about Amazon Cloud Search

4.35 (26 reviews)

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IDOL is an advanced search, knowledge discovery, and analytics platform that uses AI and machine learning to leverage key insights stored deep within unstructured data, including text analytics, audio analytics, video analytics, a...Read more about IDOL

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Machine Learning on AWS

AWS provides the most comprehensive set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. With a fully managed cloud infrastructure, you can build, train, and deploy integrated machine learning models for any us...Read more about Machine Learning on AWS

5.00 (3 reviews)

IBM Watson Discovery

IBM Watson Discovery is an enterprise search solution that helps businesses with identifying trends, pinpointing answers, and enhancing chatbots. The main features of IBM Watson Discovery include machine learning, categorization, ...Read more about IBM Watson Discovery

5.00 (1 reviews)


VizSeek is a cloud-based visual search and identification tool that allows businesses to upload images or search for products by just clicking on the VizSeek button on their browser. The application leverages computer vision to de...Read more about VizSeek

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BA Insight

BA Insight is an enterprise search software designed to help businesses utilize AI-driven intelligent search capabilities to deliver a personalized, connected, relevant, and internet-like user search experience. The platform enabl...Read more about BA Insight

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Keyspider is a search tool that can revamp your search experience with a cloud-based search engine. Keyspider intends to redefine how customers navigate through customers' websites with a search-as-a-service that leaves no stone...Read more about Keyspider

5.00 (1 reviews)


Zevi leverages the power of Machine learning and NLP to make this discovery experience of a consumer natural, efficient and fast. This in turn benefits our merchant clients with improved conversion and better user experience. Zev...Read more about Zevi

5.00 (1 reviews)