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PolyPM by Polygon Software is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solution developed specifically for apparel manufacturers. The solution includes capabilities unique to the small and midsize apparel industry.

PolyPM is installed on the client server and is built on the Microsoft SQL database. This single centralized database ensures that the solution can be scaled to accommodate a few to hundreds of users while retaining data integrity.

By integrating all aspects of product development, companies gain complete visibility of the entire product lifecycle, from style development to execution and distribution. Functions included in the solution that is unique to the industry include cut planning, fabric inspection, CMT production and two-dimensional size ranges, as well as standard manufacturing functions like BOM, PSV and complete order tracking. Crystal reports is integrated into PolyPM, offering powerful, customizable reporting.

Apparel manufacturers looking to become more competitive in today's market should review PolyPM, the only solution in the industry that combines PLM and ERP into a focused, innovative solution.


PolyPM - Style costing and development
  • PolyPM - Style costing and development
    Style costing and development
  • PolyPM - Measurement specifications
    Measurement specifications
  • PolyPM - Time and action calendars
    Time and action calendars
  • PolyPM - Production scheduling
    Production scheduling
  • PolyPM - Markers and cut planning
    Markers and cut planning
  • PolyPM - Manufacturing and cut production
    Manufacturing and cut production
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP

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