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The Sage Group has acquired no fewer than 40 companies over its 30-year history, making it one of the largest software companies in the world. While Sage competes head-to-head with other well-known software giants such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP, its strategy has been to focus on the small and medium business (SMB) market. Today, the company supports over 100 products across the world. In North America, their products can be separated into four main application categories - accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resources (HR) - and three main vertical markets - construction, healthcare and nonprofit.

Sage’s main accounting products include Peachtree and Simply Accounting. Their CRM offerings include ACT!, SalesLogix and SageCRM. Accpac, MAS and X3 are the main ERP products. Finally, Abra is Sage’s HR system.

Sage’s construction software products include Sage Master Builder, Sage Project Lifecycle, Sage Timberline Enterprise, Sage Timberline Office and Sage Timberline Estimating. Their nonprofit offerings include Sage Fund Accounting, Sage Fundraising 50, Sage Grant Management and Sage Millennium. Finally, their healthcare offering is Sage Intergy.

Sage products are further separated into different versions to support functional and technology requirements of different sizes and types of organizations. For example, there are three versions of Sage MAS: MAS 90, 200 and 500. Each one has a unique technology architecture to appeal to small, medium or large enterprises. To learn more about a specific product or the different versions available, click on a link below.



Peachtree Quantum


Master Builder

Project Lifecycle Management

Timberline Enterprise

Timberline Estimating

Timberline Office








Manufacturing ERP

MAS 90/200

MAS 500





Fundraising 50

Grant Management


MIP Fund Accounting

About Sage Software

Sage was founded in 1981 and is headquartered out of Newcastle in the United Kingdom. The company has grown dramatically through acquisitions over the last 30 years and is now ranked the third largest provider of ERP software in the world. Sage has an 8% share of the market with 6.3 million customers across the globe.


Intergy - Patient History

Intergy - Patient History

Abra - Employee Payroll Summary

Abra - Employee Payroll Summary

Peachtree - Cash Flow Manager

Peachtree - Cash Flow Manager

SalesLogix - Rich Analytics

SalesLogix - Rich Analytics

Fundraising 50

Fundraising 50

Accpac - Overview Portal

Accpac - Overview Portal

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