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Metrio is a top sustainability software provider on the market. Since 2009, the company’s reporting solutions have empowered global organizations like Target, Cascades, Decathlon, and the Toronto Stock Exchange to become more sustainable, transparent, and profitable by collecting and analyzing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. Metrio is a Certified B Corporation and a United Nations Global Compact participant. Metrio's analytics platform can track sustainability performance and analyze ESG-related risks/opportunities. Get a full 360-degree view of sustainability performance, manage your ESG data easily, and communicate the performance of initiatives to stakeholders. ...

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Company size: 10,000+ employees

Industry: Banking

Time used: More than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra

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August 2021

Balance between features and pricing

Overall, we have a good experience and we are happy with the platform. The Metrio software meets our current needs, even if we have to request modifications for continuous improvement of our platform.


The team is very supportive, helpful and proactive. They are very quick to respond when we have questions or require assistance. The platform is very customizable and modifications can be made in a short period. Pricing is fair-good value for money!


Backend data tracing (formulas and variables used) is not very visible for the user. Data input can be confusing (too many tables at times). As a small software company, Metrio's platform is very flexible but it seems less mature and with fewer ready-to-deploy feature modules than with other large companies.

Reasons for choosing Metrio

Pricing, proximity of the team (we are located in the same city), responsiveness and flexibility of the platform.