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Created to provide a full suite of Field Service solutions, TouchStar’s TransPac provides applications to manage all parts of a transportation and field service business, including dispatching, telematics, planning and scheduling, compliance, and a robust business intelligence suite. The system provides more than simple GPS tracking - it also integrates with many aspects of a company, such as accounting and route optimization.

With the Fleet Tracking and Behavior Management module, companies can accurately track vehicle usage, driver behavior, and routes travelled. All vehicle data is tracked with usage, and is sent to a web interface in near real-time. This way, managers and dispatchers can know exactly where and how each vehicle is being used at a moment’s notice. With this module, it’s easy to keep track of driver habits, and allows companies to intervene with drivers when necessary, improving safety as well as fuel usage. We also love the system's Mobility solutions, which automates delivery/service processes, capture data, and communicate it back to the back office systems.

The fleet dispatching module arms dispatchers with a way to react and plan around unexpected circumstances, ensuring that goods are delivered to customers within the designated arrival time. Dispatchers can quickly adjust routes and make changes to schedules when necessary, and can easily communicate these changes to the drivers. By taking a proactive approach to Transportation Management, companies can experience a growth in customer satisfaction, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.

We really like FleetAtlas Framework’s Business Intelligence module, which uses all present data to generate reports that reflect overall trends and patterns within the business. This data can prove to be a valuable resource when making tough business decisions. This module includes KPI reporting, as well as interactive dashboards.


Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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