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In today's competitive market, service organizations more than ever need access to technology that helps them manage an increasingly demanding customer base, address shrinking profit margins, and lower overall business expenses.

Infor Service Management is a full ERP solution designed and built exclusively for the Service industry. This end-to-end system comes complete with CRM through Financials, with no integrations needed.

This advanced, highly scalable solution that was developed to provide service-focused functionality that helps your team deliver exceptional service while lowering total costs and building profitable, long-term relationships with clients. The software offers a familiar Microsoft look and feel and built-in best practices and workflows, so user adoption is quick and businesses can see immediate ROI. 

Infor Service Management bridges the gap between departments by providing users at all levels with real-time analytics and KPIs at a glance. Whether the user is a remote tech, a contact center agent, or the CEO, the software offers real value. One of the biggest benefits is that Infor Service Management speeds up work across teams because it eliminates duplicate data entry. Because users are all working in the same centralized and up-to-date information, there are no gaps or discrepancies. 

That saved time leads to cost savings, increased productivity, and higher utilization of existing resources. It also leads to more effective decision-making, because managers can spend more time analyzing accurate data and finding growth opportunities.

We generally recommend Infor Service Management to small and mid-sized companies in a handful of industries: construction, distribution, property management, utilities and more. The system can be offered as SaaS or it can be installed on-premise.


Infor Service Management  - Customer service manager workbench
  • Infor Service Management  - Customer service manager workbench
    Customer service manager workbench
  • Infor Service Management  - ISM in mingle
    ISM in mingle
  • Infor Service Management  - ISM social objects
    ISM social objects
  • Infor Service Management  - Mobile
  • Infor Service Management  - Rental counter
    Rental counter
  • Infor Service Management  - Service schedules
    Service schedules
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Barry from MTS Power Systems
Specialty: Other

September 2016

September 2016

INFOR Service Management Software Disaster



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Likes Best

The software had some very powerful features such as rental, price assignments and costing.

Likes Least

ISM will not work with third party accounting software. The accounting portion of the software is so labor intensive that no small company could possibly make it work. Of course, this was not discussed during the evaluation demos and we found this out late in the implementation.

The software is LOADED with bugs and INFOR loves charging people to resolve them. They also have a learning website that's totally useless. They charge insane fees to view training videos or documents.

The system is non intuitive and requires a massive amount of training and implementation. After nearly a full year of training, we were not able to complete a single transaction. The vender misrepresented the product and farmed out the training to a third party who promised the world and delivered nothing.


Hands down, I would stay away from the product. We spent a huge sum of money and abandoned the software. INFOR nor the vendor was willing to do anything in terms of rectifying the issues. INFOR, Quadkor and CIO Virtual Solutions failed miserably and deserve to be out of business.