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Short URLs are a great alternative to ugly long links that look awful, take up too much space in messages and social posts, and often don't work the way they are supposed to. Now there is a way to make these short URLs even cooler and more functional - all with the help of Yohn custom URL shortener. Here are just some of the features of Yohn explained: Create branded short links with custom slugs - for example, yourdomain.com/sale or yourdomain.com/special. Edit your short links any time you want - for example, if the destination URL you’re referring to changes or stops working for some reason, you can always update your short link. Analyse detailed click data - how many times people clicked your links, what countries or cities they are based in, which websites they c...

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Colibri.live is available both on subscription model and at a one-time fee, whichever is more conveninent for the user. You can either install Colibri in your AWS account and use it forever for €99 (Basic version with basic analytics) or €199 (Ultimate version with in-depth raw data analytics) or choose the ready-to-use SaaS version for €10/month (functionality equivalent to that of Colibri Ultimate)

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99.00 one time

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Private link shortener with your own domain
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Reviewed January 2023

Colibri.live as your shortening URL application

Using the Colibri application has been a seamless experience. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to create and manage shortened links. The speed of the service is impressive, and I have not experienced any downtime. Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance and reliability of this application and would highly recommend it to others.Sure, there is the potential for link breakage, but that is a common issue with any URL shortening service. The benefits of using the Shortening URL application far outweigh any potential cons. From the simple and efficient process of creating and managing links, to the user-friendly interface, to the impressive speed and reliability of the service, the advantages of using this application are numerous. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your link management processes and improve your brand's online presence. Give the Colibri application a try today.


•Simple and efficient process of creating and managing shortened links.•User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.•Impressive speed of the service with no downtime experienced.•High level of performance and reliability, providing peace of mind.•Strong recommendation based on overall satisfaction with the application.


•Potential for link breakage: The shortening service could go down, or the original link may change, resulting in a broken link that leads to an error page.

Vendor Response

Hey Alexander, thanks for choosing our URL shortener! Glad that you liked it. Concerning the broken links - the service uptime is protected by the Amazon Web Services SLA where it's stated that customers start getting money back from them whenever the monthly uptime percentage goes below 99.9%. So, this should not be an issue. Regarding the original destination links changing - unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they won't change (and no one but the owner of the destination site can, actually). However, that's a very good point, we will add a link availability checker to our product development pipeline. Thanks!

Replied February 2023