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Hypernotes is a knowledge management solution that enables businesses to create, share and organize wikis, documentation and other content. The application lets teams view information and share it with colleagues via a unified portal. It helps organizations collect and store knowledge and share it with others. The task management feature in Hypernotes allows users to assign tasks, add comments and track activities while collaborating on projects. Teams can view and manage tasks using various Zenkit products such as Base and To Do. Additionally, it offers offline access and can be accessed through mobile devices.

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The free version includes: Up to 2 Notebooks, 2 Max members per notebook, 600 MB space for Files & attachments, Activity History, Zenkit Suite Connections, Multi-level Outlining, Bi-directional linking, Task-Management and Reminders. Plus version is €8 per user per month: up to 30 Notebook, 30 Max members per notebook, 6 GB space for Files and attachments, unlimited Active History, 30 Zenkit Suite Connections, and 80.000 notes. Business verision is €19 per user per month: Unlimited Notebooks and Max members per notebook, 60 GB space for Files and attachments, unlimited Active History, 300 Zenkit Suite Connections, 1 million notes, and more. Enterprise pricing is also available upon request.

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€8.00 per month

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Not Available

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Reviewed June 2022

My second favorite notetaking app after Evernote

This notetaking / knowledge graph system is a joy to use. It's actually fun to watch your knowledge graph grow as you add more connections between notes and entirely new sections of knowledge to the graph. One feature I would like to see implemented is a filter/view to see the number of characters/words per topic rather than just the number of separate notes linked to a given note. Some of my single notes are deep and detailed while most are relatively small notes. Being able to see which notes are the biggest ones (by character count or storage size) would be helpful to hone in on the "super" notes.


The visual nature of the knowledge graph is really powerful as well as the auto-suggested tagging feature and the ability to hyperlink notes to specific sections of other notes.


The formatting of lists can be really finicky and frustrating to use when you start editing list items. Deleting an item from an existing list can mess up the formatting for all remaining list items if not done carefully.

Reason for choosing Hypernotes

The knowledge graph feature of Hypernotes is unique and something that is still lacking within Evernote.

Vendor Response

Hi Courtlin, Thank you so much for your review! I am happy to hear, you enjoy the use of Hypernotes. As we are currently improving all of our apps I will forward your suggestions to our dev team. In case you have more ideas for improvement please don't hesitate to reach out to service@zenkit.com. Cheers, Louisa

Replied June 2022