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For professionals in the contract therapy and rehabilitation business, sometimes the constant multitasking and distractions can get overwhelming - there are phone calls to make, therapists to schedule, and notes to keep organized. Home Healthcare Assistant by Visihealth encompasses all facets of the business, from Point of Care to billing, scheduling, and more, and helps maintain an organized and streamlined workflow to provide the best care.

The scheduling feature provides 13th/19th/30 day visits, and adjusts this schedule as the patient's schedule changes, rather than simply giving notifications. That way if an appointment is missed, the system instantly recalculates the next follow-up appointment date to ensure that the therapy and rehabilitation agency is in compliance. This algorithm calculates when a patient's next visit will be automatically, so there's no guesswork involved, and keeping track of multiple patients is simplified.

Visi-Notes, the digital note-taking feature built into Home Healthcare Assistant does more than present a form to fill out. Instead, this intelligent system will confirm that the correct note is being used. Visihealth has the unique ability to scan and convert paper notes to electronic documents, so that even if a practice wants to continue to take notes by hand, they can easily transfer these notes to the electronic format.

For contract therapy and rehabilitation companies in need of an intelligent electronic note-taking system with scheduling and practice management features, Visihealth's Home Healthcare Assistant is a competitive option to consider.


Home Healthcare Assistant - Admin
  • Home Healthcare Assistant - Admin
  • Home Healthcare Assistant - Admin
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Keri from Balanced Therapy, PLLC
Specialty: Home Health Care

December 2013

December 2013

Best Product!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

I love the flexibility of this system! It allows me to conduct business anywhere I have an internet connection: in the office, the car, or even on the beach!

Likes Least

I really don't have any dislikes about this product. If an IT problem develops, they fix it accurately and quickly. They are always available!


I highly recommend this product! It has totally changed the way I do business. It decreased the number of staff members from 2-3 to one person. It saves me a lot of money in payroll, taxes, and insurance.