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Featuring live and pre-recorded video interviewing capabilities, Async Interview is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform built for mid- to large-sized organizations across various industry verticals.

On the pre-recorded interview side, hiring managers can either create their own questions or choose from a built-in database and send them to the candidates. If a candidate doesn’t have a webcam to record their responses, Async Interview will ship one to them as part of their service. Additionally, candidates can download the mobile app to record their interviews on the go. All of this comes with branding options to align the interview with the company’s image. Live interviewing also features the option for one-on-one or panel interviews.

All candidates can be shared among hiring teams so staff can to review, rate and leave notes on each interview based on over 25 recruiting metrics. Should video interviewing not be a possibility, candidates can also call in with an interview code and answer pre-set questions over the phone.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Mac OS , Linux , HP-UX , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 2000 , Windows 8

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