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About Chronotek

Chronotek is a cloud-based time tracking solution designed to help businesses manage and track the job progress of a remote workforce. Features include activity tracking, job costing, real-time monitoring, in-app messaging and reporting. The application includes GPS tracking, enabling supervisors to define geo-fence around sites, verify worker’s location through clock-in/out and receive notifications for denied or turned-off location services in employees’ devices. Managers can create work schedules and receive custom alerts for missed ones. Employees can use the application to view assigned job locations, personal schedules and time card hours. It helps businesses calculate travel time and mileage and approve reimbursements based on Google Maps estimates. Chr...

Chronotek Pricing

Chronotek's easy pricing policy requires no upfront costs- there is no hardware to buy, and no expensive installation fees. Thefirst 30 days are free, giving customers the opportunity to learn and fully understand the system before paying a penny. After the free trial, pay only for employees who clock in and out within a month's time. Pay $5/month/employee + $14 monthly access fee. For customers who have high turnover rates, we offer per-punch pricing.

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$5.00 per month

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Chronotek User Reviews


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Time used: Free Trial

Review Source: GetApp

February 2012

The best system ever!

We have been using the Chronotek for our home health agency for years now, and there just isn't a better system out there! The staff is amazing and very helpful when problems or challenges arise, and there's nothing they won't do to try to help.


It helps us keep our agency running smoothly and ensures our patients are receiving the care they are supposed to be getting. It helps us recognize when a problem occurs, and gives us extra security in knowing that we will know if something is wrong




Company size: 11-50 employees

Industry: Facilities Services

Time used: Less than 12 months

Review Source: Capterra

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December 2019

Failed in the end

They were good up until the end - so be ware. I asked them to turn off the software but keep it up so I could review old information. When one single employee logged in they charged me for that month. Granted, it was only $19 but when I asked them to reverse the charges they refused. I sold the company and wont be recommending the new owner use this software.


Overall the software was decent but it had a few flaws.


Often the GPS location did not work and the route tracking was not correct nor logical. It would show the employees going in circles or paths they clearly did not take.

Reasons for choosing Chronotek

Recommended by a business associate.


Time used: Free Trial

Review Source: GetApp

November 2012

Almost Perfect

Our security agency has been using Chronotek for about a year now and for the most part it does exactly what we need. I know I said its almost perfect and only gave it 3 stars and this is why! My biggest issue with the system is that it is not very mobile phone friendly and there is no smartphone app! As the owner when I log into the system from my IPhone browser I do not have full function of the program like I do using my office computer. When logged in from my IPhone the pages do not load properly and the features are limited. To me, a product that is marketed as being "mobile" and not having fully functioning apps for my cell phone is mind boggling? Shouldn't that be a major concern for all users? I spend most of my time out in the field and life would be much easier if this product was completely compatible with my phone!