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Created as a way to offer SaaS-based Recruitment software to mid-sized and Enterprise-level companies, iCams by Hireserve provides a way to manage all aspects of the recruitment process. Starting with the initial job posting, businesses can use iCams to screen applicants, manage the interview process, and streamline the onboarding process upon hiring.

Within the iCams dashboard, hiring managers can sort through multiple menus, such as Jobs, Candidates, and Reporting pages. The inbox functions as a hub for new applications, and a few quick links provide a way to navigate quickly from jobs to candidates. iCams also features a spreadsheet-like application, so that managers can create documents in the format that is most familiar.

iCams also features email templates that can be personalized to each candidate, ensuring a customized message to each applicant throughout the process. All online applications submitted are automatically added into the system, but iCams also features a manual application process to allow for any needed manual data entry.


Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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