Social Media Dominates Recruiting Channels
IndustryView | 2013

The number of candidate recruiting channels available to recruiters has exploded with the advent of social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. But are these new recruiting channels delivering the same quality of candidates as traditional methods such as job boards, job fairs and campus recruiting?

Here at Software Advice, with the help of iCIMS, PCRecruiter, Jobvite, HRsmart and RPO Association, we conducted a survey to answer these questions. What did we find? Social seems here to stay.

Key Findings:

  1. Employee referrals are the most often-used sourcing strategy for recruiters.
  3. Traditional job boards deliver the highest volume of candidates.
  5. Almost half of recruiters who responded plan to increase their investment in social media recruiting.
  • Current Use of Recruiting Channels

    Ninety-seven percent of participating recruiters said they have used employee referrals to source new hires in 2013. Traditional job boards and company careers pages came in at number two and three, respectively. Social media was a close fourth, with 80 percent of recruiters saying they have used these channels to source hires.

  • Channels Delivering the Highest Volume of Candidates

    The channel delivering the most candidates into recruiters’ inboxes was still traditional job boards, while employee referrals came in second. Social media came in at a strong third.

  • Channels Delivering the Highest Quality of Candidates

    While traditional job boards delivered the highest volume of candidates for recruiters, employee referrals still deliver (by far) the best candidates for open positions. However, more respondents said social media delivered higher quality candidates than traditional job boards.

  • Projected Use and Budget for Each Channel in 2013

    Although traditional job boards, employee referrals and company careers pages were the top three most used channels, recruiters plan to invest more in social media in 2013.

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